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Standing Air Conditioner

Leyjao Offers Smart Haier Standing Air Conditioner

An air conditioner in the need of every living space for summer. Haier offers a diverse range of AC units to maximize your comfort. These units have modern designs with advanced features. Leyjao offers these standing AC units at a special discount. So, you can get up to 13% off with free shipping to your place.

Suitable For Bigger Spaces 

Haier standing air conditioner is perfect for corporate offices. These offices have bigger working space and meeting rooms. Haier offers different AC models. So, you can choose different cooling capacities in these models.

The powerful cooling capacity of these units caters to the needs of your home as well. If you have a bigger guest room to treat your guests, these air conditioner works effectively for these rooms.

Leyjao offers a wide range of haier standing air conditioners. So, you can choose different cooling capacities in these units. For instance, you can choose Haier standing AC units with 2-ton to 8-ton capacity at a reasonable price.

Smart Features With The Best Control 

Smart integrations have changed the level of comfort at home. Haier AC units can be easily managed through smartphones. So, you can control your Haier standing unit with your phone from your couch and other rooms.

The Wi-Fi connectivity feature allows you to control different settings of these units. You can set sleep time and start time according to your convenience. Moreover, you can get precise control over temperature. So, you can change the temperature, fan speed, and various other settings directly from your phone.

Furthermore, the latest haier 2 ton floor standing inverter unit gives you a voice command feature. You can control the temperature with words. So, you simply give a voice command and set your desired temperature.

Better Energy Efficiency 

Energy consumption is a major factor when you are buying AC units in Pakistan. Haier Inverter units are designed to give you better cooling performance with low energy consumption. The inverter technology of these units enhances the performance without raising your electricity bills.

Let us take the Duzin vertical inverter Ac as an example. It is a standing AC unit. This unit uses a DC motor to power the compressor. This AC unit significantly reduces your energy consumption. The best thing about the DC inverter is that they are more than normal AC units.

It gives you a uniform cooling throughout the room. It maintains a better room temperature. Leyjao offers the best haier chiller ac price in Pakistan. So, you can this AC unit at a discounted price from here.

Eco-friendly Compressor 

Climate change has become a threat to people living around the world. Home appliances are designed with efficient compressors that have a low impact on the climate. Moreover, they save you a lot of energy as compared to the traditional compressors.

Further, R-410 is one of the most effective refrigerants used in standing AC units. It saves more electricity and has a low climate impact. This refrigerant consumes up to 30% less energy than other refrigerants.

Stylish Design 

AC units usually have a white color indoors. These units may look awkward among your fully furnished rooms. The Haier standing air conditioners have a stylish design with different color combinations. So, this unit will enhance the interior of your room.

These ACs give a new look to the interior of your home decor. The sleek design requires a small space in your room. It is an appliance that complements your home decor. These units have clean lines and beautiful designs which makes them a perfect fit for your drawing rooms. So, you can stay cool and comfortable without disturbing the aesthetics of your space.

Low Maintenance

Haier has the best air conditioner in Pakistan. They require zero or low maintenance. They have a cleaning system. This prevents dust and allergens and gives you fresh air to breathe. Moreover, the self-cleaning and easy-to-clean filters ensure that your unit stays in perfect condition. So, you can keep your rooms cool without stress of cleaning.

Furthermore, the Haier portable air conditioner has features like a dehumidifier. It ensures that you stay cool and comfortable in every season. Generally, humidity is high in the monsoon season across Pakistan. You can choose different models that work perfectly in every weather condition.

Leyjao is the Best Financing Option 

Standing AC units are more expensive than wall-mounted units. Buying these units can cost you a lot of money. Leyjao offers a wide range of standing AC units at a competitive price. You can avail 13% discount on buying these AC units from us.

Moreover, we make it easy for you to buy air conditioners online. Leyjao is the best platform for shopping in pakistan due to many reasons. We offer easy monthly installment options for our customers with different payment options.

When you try to buy a haier standing air conditioner unit for your home it can disturb you monthly budget. Leyjao makes sure that you get different options to buy your favorite appliances. We offer an EMI facility for 3 to 18 months. You can choose any installment plan according to your budget. And the best thing about this facility is yet to come. You can get it on zero markup.

Furthermore, leyjao special sales on Eid festivals, Blessed Friday, and season-end sales. You can avail of flat discounts during these sales events. We give you the best financing options to upgrade appliances at your home. You can buy anything from these sales promotions.


Leyjao is the best platform that gives you various options for Haier standing air conditioners. You can choose different capacities according to the size of your room and space. The standing AC units have the best features like smart integration, self-cleaning, and various other options. Leyjao is the best platform to provide ac for sale in lahore. You get free shipping with special discounts. You can get easy financing through the EMI option.

Moreover, you can avail of discounts during sales promotions. These events help you upgrade the AC units in your home without disturbing your monthly budget. So what are you waiting for? Go and Grab your standing AC unit at a reasonable price now!

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