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Solar Air Cooler Price in Pakistan

Stay Cool This Summer With Solar Air Cooler From Leyjao 

Staying cool is a necessity during a heatwave in Pakistan. The traditional air cooler provides effective cooling. But they consume more electricity. Solar air cooler is the best option for customers in the summer season. They take power from the sun. So, you do not have to pay for electricity bills. Leyjao offers a wide range of models of solar air coolers at a reasonable price.

The Benefits of A Solar Air Cooler

A Solar air cooler has various advantages over traditional coolers. They are reliable comfort partner for the summer season. It is because they get power from the solar energy. So, the power outage is not a problem for you anymore. It is the ideal choice for remote areas in Pakistan.

First of all, it does not cost them any electricity bill. Secondly, it is the most convenient option during the night. You can stay cool in the sunlight during the day. And enjoy peaceful sleep during the night with energy stored in the batteries.

Moreover, they are more environmentally friendly because they do not emit pollution or greenhouse gases. Renewable energy is the best option for everyone living on this planet. So, you can enjoy the cool air while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Types of Solar Air Coolers

Leyjao has two different types of solar air coolers on the digital shelf. These are DC and hybrid models. Both types of air coolers work efficiently on solar power. They provide a reliable solution during power cuts in the daytime.

DC Solar Air Coolers

DC solar air coolers operate solely on solar energy. They are also called 12-volt air coolers. They are one of the most eco-friendly options in the summer season. So, you can install them in different areas of your house.

DC air coolers are cheaper than other air coolers in Pakistan. They are available in different bodies and colors. For instance, you can buy a Jackpot air cooler at around Rs. 18000 from leyjao. We have the best room air cooler price in pakistan. You can save up to 28 % on buying an air cooler from leyjao.

Hybrid or AC/DC Solar Coolers

Hybrid solar coolers are a little expensive but they are the most suitable option for the summer season. If you do not want to install a battery with your solar power system, hybrid coolers are the best choice. They are flexible to operate on different power systems.

You can run them on solar energy, main grid, and batteries as well. These features make them suitable for a wide range of climates and situations. For instance, if you do not have the required solar energy for running an air cooler, you can use this energy with the help of a power inverter.

Features To Consider in Air Cooler 

Air coolers have evolved just like any other cooling solution. They consume less energy like 30 watt ceiling fan. They can be controlled with a remote like air conditioner. When you are buying an air cooler you should consider the air throw as well.

Leyjao offers Super Asia air coolers with shockproof plastic bodies. We have the cheapest plastic air cooler price in pakistan. You can save up to 12% on super Asia coolers in Pakistan from us. These coolers have powerful motors that provide uniform air throw throughout the room. It has an auto-swing function that circulates air evenly in the room.

You can choose a variety of these features from us at a reasonable price. However, when you are buying an air cooler in Pakistan you can check various things. These factors are:

Cooling Pads 

The price of an air cooler in Pakistan varies with cooling pads. If you are buying air coolers with honeycomb cooling pads, they are expensive. They are expensive because of their durability and long life span. Other than that, synthetic wood cooling pads are very popular in Pakistan.

The body of the mini air coolers is normally made of steel. Its cooling pads are made with synthetic wood. These cooling pads are cheaper. Moreover, mini air cooler price in pakistan depends on the type of cooling pads.

Things to Consider While Choosing The Cooling Pads 

Cooling Efficiency

The effectiveness of the cooling pad is the most important factor in enjoying cool air during summer. Choosing a cooling pad that offers maximum performance is the basic thing. Honeycomb pads are known for cooling with greater efficiency.

Durability and Lifespan

The durability and life span of cooling pads depend on the material. As mentioned above, synthetic wood cooling pads are lower in price that’s why they are the most suitable option for people in Pakistan. But they have a low life span and they only last for a season.

However, the honeycomb pads are higher in price and life span. They require low-maintenance which means it saves your time and resources. So, it is essential to choose a cooling pad that is lower in expenses and maintenance.

Leyjao Has the best Variety of Solar Air Coolers 

Leyjao is the best shopping website in pakistan. It has a wide range of brands that provide quality air coolers at a reasonable price. You can avail exciting discounts and offers on air coolers at leyjao. Leyjao offers air coolers from renowned local brands such as Super Asia, and Izone with EMI facility.

You can get AC/DC air coolers from these famous at easy monthly installments from leyjao. You can convert payment into a 3 to 18-month installment plan at your convenience. The best thing about this facility is that we charge zero markup on installment products. You can choose a wide range of DC and AC/DC air coolers with delivery to your doorstep.

Wrapping up

Leyjao is an online shopping platform that provides different home appliances and climate control devices at a reasonable price. Whether you want a portable rechargeable fan or an air cooler, you can get a variety of products with exclusive discounts from us. To beat the heat of summer leyjao air coolers are the best option. You can get plastic and metal body air coolers at a discounted price. DC air coolers are cheap as they only run on solar power systems.

Whereas, AC/DC coolers prices are higher. They are effective and efficient in consuming both types of power. You can easily operate them on a grid power system at night. So, you do not have to be dependent on batteries to enjoy cool air during sleep. Get your efficient solar cooler from leyjao to enjoy cool air this summer. Shop now!


Q.1- What Is The Power Consumption Of Solar Air Coolers?

A 12-volt solar air cooler consumes less than 50 watts.  

Q.2- Do Solar Air Coolers Work as Effectively As Normal Coolers?

Yes, they are as efficient as normal air coolers. Moreover, they save you more electricity. 

Q.3- Can I Operate Solar Air Coolers On Batteries?

If you bought a hybrid air cooler, only then can you run it on a battery power system. They are normally called AC DC coolers.

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