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Ac Dc Ceiling Fans

Tips to Consider Before Choosing an AC DC Ceiling Fan

Electricity bills are a major concern for people in Pakistan. They want the cheapest cooling solution for maximum comfort in the summer season. If you also have concerns about electricity bills, leyjao has the solution to your problem. The AC DC ceiling fan at leyjao helps you lower your electricity bill. So you can sleep peacefully at night. Let us assist you in choosing the best ceiling fan for your place.

How Ac Dc Ceiling Fan Is The Best Cooling Solution

It is difficult to survive the scorching heat of summer in Pakistan, especially, in plain areas where weather reaches record highs every season. Using a ceiling fan 24/7 is the most affordable option. AC ceiling fans are installed at every home in Pakistan. But they are replacing it with the Ac DC fans due to their low power consumption.

AC DC fans work on both types of currents. You can use them throughout the day with solar energy systems. DC fans have a crucial impact on your electricity bill. AC ceiling fans are less energy efficient than DC fans. That is why Pakistanis are replacing these fans with AC DC fans.

Leyjao offers the best collection of ceiling fans at a reasonable price. You can choose a solar ac dc ceiling fan from famous brands in Pakistan at a discounted price. These fans give you efficiency and comfort. The following tips will help you choose a ceiling fan for your room.

Height And Size of Your Room 

Ceiling fans installed at a height of 8 feet give you proper airflow in the room. However, if the height of your room is more than 8 feet, you can use a download to get optimum airflow in your room. Similarly, the size of fan blades can be chosen according to the area of your room.

For instance, if you have a room of 225 sq ft, a ceiling fan between 36-48 inches is sufficient for your room. You can install a ceiling fan with a bigger blade size if you have a room of 400 sq ft. The ceiling fans are available with 56-inch blade sizes in Pakistan.

Energy Efficiency 

Looking for energy-efficient cooling has become inevitable for people in Pakistan. AC fans are cheaper in price but they consume more electricity than DC fans. It consumes up to 80% less electricity than DC fans. The maximum power consumption of a few DC fans is 30-35 watts.

Furthermore, Leyjao offers a wide range of options in a single product. Such as, you can choose the best 30 watt ceiling fan price in pakistan from us with exclusive discount vouchers. So, you can also choose a variety of fans at a reasonable price from us.


Ceiling fans are not just a cooling solution for the home. They are available in unique designs that help you give an aesthetic look to your place. So, You can choose different types of decorative ceiling fans in pakistan from leyjao.

Types of Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans are divided into indoor, outdoor, and chandelier fans. Indoor ceiling fans give a decent look to your home. These fans have lights and other type of ornaments. These ornaments give ceiling fans a chandelier look.

Indoor Ceiling Fans

These fans have unique designs that add a touch of elegance to your home decor. You can choose these fans in different colors and designs that can complement your room decoration.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans 

These fans are usually installed on porches. They are crafted with durable materials. The wet type of outdoor fans is suitable for the rainy season. Therefore, these fans are suitable for homes and farmhouses.

Chandelier Fans

These fans are mostly placed in dining rooms and guest rooms to elevate the decor of your room. They elevate the look of your room. It makes your place more appealing and attractive.

Fan Speed Settings

One of the major differences between AC and DC fans is their running speed. The AC fans can only have 3 settings; high, medium, and low. However, the DC fans are available in up to 6 settings. It gives you more precise control over the fan’s speed.

Moreover, the latest AC DC fans have remote controls. This remote allows you to control the fan while you are sitting on your sofa. This feature is available to the latest fans. Leyjao offers one of the finest collections of fans at a reasonable price. We offer the cheapest remote control ceiling fan price in pakistan. Furthermore, You can choose a variety of remote fans with aesthetic designs from us.

Noise level

The biggest advantage of DC fans is their quiet operation. They produce less noise than AC fans due to their advanced motor designs. These fans have BLDC motors. So, they are ideal for bedrooms and quiet spaces like libraries and recording rooms.

Advantages Of Ac Dc Fans

The features of AC DC fans are widely discussed everywhere. But they are the best possible choice in the summer season. If you have installed a solar power system at home, this fan will save you a lot of electricity. The 12-volt fans operate on solar energy.

Furthermore, the 12 volt ceiling fan price in Pakistan varies from brand to brand. Leyjao offers different brands at special discounted prices. These brands are GFC, Sonica, and Khurshid fans. Ac DC ceiling fans are designed to run on different types of energy sources.

These fans run on solar during daylight and on grid power when the sun goes down. Moreover, its energy efficiency changes with the speed setting. It consumes as low as 30 watts on the highest setting. This is the best option for your home if you do not have power outages in your area.

However, if you have a remote area where electricity is not continuously available, you can attach batteries for interrupted comfort during the night.

Concluding Lines

Ac Dc ceiling fans have become a must-have choice for every modern home. They are an efficient and affordable choice for your home if you want to save electricity. These fans have the latest BLDC motors that reduce the noise and cut down the electricity consumption. Leyjao is a pakistani store that offers these fans at a reasonable price. You can grab the best deal and voucher from leyjao now!

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