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5 Baby Bath Tips New Parents Wished They Had Known!

As new parents, bathing your bundle of joy can be a nervous experience. You may wonder how many times the baby needs to be given baths and the right baby care products to use. So, we are sharing baby bath tips according to what the experts suggest.

5 Baby Bath Tips You Wish You Would Have Known!

Baby Bath Tips for a Stress-Free Experience

How often to bathe your little one?

You don’t need to wash a newborn every day. Simply use a sponge and warm water to clean them under the neck or behind the ears gently. Once the baby starts to crawl and eat solids, there will be a need to give full baths every 1-2 days.

Where to bath the infant?

You can get a bath tub as it will prevent the child from slipping. Make sure to keep an extremely low water level and needless to say, small children must always be supervised during their bath time.

How to choose the right time?

This will be a completely new experience for the baby and you want to make sure that it turns out to be a pleasant one. Firstly, choose a time when both the child and mother are resting. However, if you have other tasks to take care of, get those done so that you don’t have to rush through them.

For best bath tips, avoid washing the child right after they have eaten. Bathtime is also an incredible bonding opportunity. Whereas, using a soothing voice and keep all supplies such as towels, and shampoo within reach.

What temperature is best for bathing a baby?

For best baby bath tips, ensure that the water is warm. You can consider getting a bath thermometer which will give you a precise temperature. Or you can check the water temperature with your elbow or wrist before placing the baby in the water. However, babies are sensitive to the environment and get cold easily so keep the bathroom warm too.

Which baby bath products are unsafe?

Many baby bath products contain harsh chemicals that can cause burning, redness, and itching, to name a few. Furthermore, Infants have ultra-sensitive skin so gentle, natural products are the safest. However, while shopping for baby shampoo and soap, look for those without artificial fragrances.

Make Baby Bath Time More Enjoyable with Nexton

Nexton Baby Shampoo is a super-gentle foaming shampoo and is specifically formulated to clean a baby’s hair without drying. However, if you are looking for the best baby bath tips, this soap-free shampoo will treat dry scalp and moisturize to hydrate and balance a baby’s sensitive skin.

❃  It’s tear-free and protective for the baby’s eyes.
❃  It’s soap-free and specially formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reactions.
❃  It has a light, refreshing fragrance.
❃  Clinically tested.

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Nexton Rash-off powder creates a moisture barrier that keeps the baby’s skin from being irritated. In addition, it works in three ways preventing, treating, and softening your little one’s skin.  Moreover, it is effective for adults in inflammation & itching on skin areas like the inner thighs, waist, buttocks, the underside of the breast, armpits, toes, and fingers. Nexton Rash-off powder


❃  Reduces friction on baby’s skin.
❃  Helps in preventing infections & skin irritation.

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Nexton Baby Oil (Vitamin E)

Our calming blend of Vitamin E-enriched oil is a perfect way to moisturize a baby’s delicate skin. It is specially formulated to nourish your dearest one’s skin making it soft and smooth. Nexton baby oil (Vitamin E) contains gentle mineral oils that are easy to spread, so it’s great for baby massage.

❃  Leaves the baby’s skin moisturized and soft.
❃  Easy to spread & ideal for baby massage.
❃  With light & refreshing baby fragrance.

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