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6 Signs of Good Quality Security Cameras

When looking for good quality security cameras, it can be overwhelming browsing through a number of brands and the technicalities that come with them. Whether you are on the lookout for a surveillance camera system for your business or personal use, there are certain factors that can help you find the most suitable one according to your unique needs.

Factors in Good Quality Security Cameras

  • Image resolution
  • Lens
  • Frame rate
  • Image sensor
  • Night vision

Image Resolution

This gives you the size of the video being produced. Low resolution indicates low-quality video as the images are composed of fewer pixels. For better quality video and images, you want to look for a security camera with a higher resolution.

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7 Signs of Good Quality Security Cameras

720p, 1080p, and 1440p security cameras are the most common security cameras in the market. 1080p HD (2MP) security cameras have become the standard in today’s surveillance market.


There are three types of lenses used in security cameras: fixed lens, varifocal lens, and zoom lens. Depending upon your requirements, you must choose between the three. Good quality security cameras are ones with a zoom lens.

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7 Signs of Good Quality Security Cameras

Instead of having to adjust between focal point or field of view, you simply zoom in and out for a better view. The auto-focus feature is by far the best as you don’t have to manually be doing it.

Image Sensor

The image sensor will also determine the quality of images or videos. The quality of a security camera’s image sensor will often dictate the overall image quality. There are two types in the market: CCD and CMOS image sensors.

CCD is an older technology than CMOS but is considered superior. It performs better in low-light conditions, has lower white noise, a wide dynamic range, and has higher definition. The only downside is that CCD image sensors are expensive to construct, consume more power, and produce lower frame rates – reasons why CMOS is a frequent standard for measuring quality in today’s security camera systems.

Frame Rate

The frame rate often defines the number of frames or images that a surveillance camera captures per second. Frame rates that are below 15 frames per second are poor quality and can be a pain to watch. The best frame rate for good quality security cameras is between 25 to 30 fps. Look out for these numbers when measuring security camera quality.


While Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and High Dynamic Range (HDR) are technically different, they more or less serve the same purpose of enhancing a camera’s dynamic range. In simple words, they balance out light to achieve the best possible image or video quality. Of the two options, WDR is to go for.

Night Vision

Surveillance cameras with night vision capabilities use infrared technology which allows them to see even in absolute darkness. Not all cameras are able to operate in zero-light conditions. If this is something you are concerned about then make sure the following.

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7 Signs of Good Quality Security Cameras

For outdoor security cameras, the recommended range is no less than 60 ft. For indoor security cameras, a 30 ft night vision range is considered standard. Check these factors to help you measure good quality security cameras before purchasing.

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