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Ceiling Fans Tips

Beat the Summer Heat with These Cooling Fan Tricks

We all know how unbearable this hot weather can become. Getting a restful night’s sleep only seems a distant dream. Well, not anymore. Here are some tricks you can do with your fan to help beat this summer heat.

Beat the Summer Heat

  • Learn how to crosswind

Cross ventilation is extremely important to get the hot air out and the cool air in. You may not have an ideal setting. But the doors and the windows must be placed in a way that propels air to your advantage.

summer heat tips

However, you can keep the windows, doors, and blinds shut during the day. In this way, you can avoid the warmth of the sun. Then, during the evening put one false ceiling fan in front of the window and another portable electric fan on the opposite side that pushes away the warm interior air. The second fan will circulate cool air into the room.

    • Home-made air conditioner

    Another way to stay cool is to place a bucket of ice in front of the fan. You can use a table fan to enjoy the full benefits. This is extremely effective while you are working at your desk or on the kitchen counter while you are cooking.

diy air conditioner

    • Run your ceiling fan counterclockwise

    Here is a trick to maintain optimal cooling during the summer. Run the ceiling fan in a counterclockwise direction which will blow the air straight down rather than up toward the ceiling. This motion creates a wind-chill effect that cools down the temperature. You can adjust the fan speed and the AC thermostat according to the weather.

ceiling fan counterclockwise

    • Frozen bottles

    This is another hack that works every time. All you have to do is freeze a 1-litre plastic bottle and place it on a tray covered with a damp cloth. This will be positioned in front of the pedestal fan so the breeze gets cooled from the iced bottle. The room benefits from the cooler temperature and we can all enjoy a relaxed night.

    These are some easy cooling fan tricks that can be incorporated along with switching to cotton bed sheets and avoiding caffeine and big meals before hitting the sack.

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summer heat pedestal fan


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