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Best Smart Watches under 10000

Best Smart Watches Under 10000 In Pakistan | Leyjao.pk

Smartwatch is a great product that everyone wants to buy these days. However, in Pakistan, there are different types of classes. So many people can’t afford a watch at a high price. So they look for a watch within a normal budget and staying within the budget, they look at the features, specifications, design, color, and durability of the watch in a lower price range. Getting the best quality watch in budget series is a tedious thing to do. The moment when you open leyjao.pk, you can easily search and get your desired smart watch.

Here, we are providing you with the list that has the top best budget series smart watches under 10000/-. These android watches will be the best in this price range quality-wise, price-wise, and durability-wise. So, if you are tired of searching for the best watch for you, please go through this blog, and you will decide to choose your desired Android or iOS touch watch. You can get a mobile watch with the best quality, durability, design, screen resolution, battery, and color. No matter if your budget is low, you can get the best one within your budget.

There are so many platforms and marketplaces in Pakistan that are selling branded smart watches with an extra margin. This turns the mobile watch into an unaffordable thing in Pakistan, especially for the people who belong to the middle class. But now, no one has to get worried about it. Without cuts and margins, leyjao.pk is providing the best quality budget series touch watches at a lower price. You can also check out smartwatches under 5000 on the website.

Smart Watches Under 10000 with Features And Sensors

An Android watch under your budget brings all the features that you want to look for in a watch. If we talk about specifications, memory up to 1 GB and ram up to 128 MB is available in some of the smartwatches. Battery capacity and standby time are great with a 180 to 280mah powerful battery. If we talk about the display, some of the watches are using 1.54 inches IPS or AMOLED display. These watches have health monitoring sensors, trackers, heart rate counters, calorie counters, and much more. Below in this blog, we are listing some of the top best smart watches under 10000/-.

Best Sensors Smart Watch


With the sensors, old citizens and sports persons can get advantages more than anyone else does. This will give a full report 24/7. This tells you about your blood pressure by tracking your pulse. The heart rate monitoring feature is very useful for everyone. Get more advantages by using the watch as a fitness tracker and as a health-conscious citizen. Here are the top best watches under this price range.

Huawei Smart Watch Only Band 

The Huawei Band 6 watch comes with an official warranty that is valid for one year and can be obtained by contacting the Huawei customer care center. There is no other brand in this price range that provides a warranty of one year. Leyjao.pk is the website where you can place an order for this smart watch for men. It can be purchased for the lowest price of Rs, 8869 in Pakistan. The good news for you is that a gift is included with the purchase of this watch. Either a set of headphones or a speaker may be present. The watch retains all of its original components, each of which is of the highest possible quality.

Huawei Band 6 Smart Watch


This watch has a very powerful battery with a 1000mah capacity. Just charge it once a week for two hours. Band 6 has one month’s standby time. If we talk about the screen size and display, the Huawei Band 6 smart watch has no competition in this price range. With a dimension of 360*360, this watch has a 1.47 inches LCD. Display quality is also excellent. The strap material used in this watch is made of silicone.

Another amazing thing about this watch is its color variations. The company has launched this watch in three different colors. Black, pink, and green are the colors. You can choose your favorite color before ordering the watch. All mentioned things must be in your consideration before you order a watch.

Series 6 Smart Watch 

Series 6 smart watch is the best Android watch in Pakistan in the budget series with maximum features and specifications. This is a sports watch with modes and features for sports persons. This woman watch has excellent seniors and trackers for sports persons. A huge 1.75 LCD IPS display with a TFT screen is another plus for users. The material used to make its band is silicon. That’s why this is durable and best for sports grounds.

Apple Watch Series 6

Along with all these features, the series 6 smart watch has a 200 mah powerful battery with an excellent standby time of about 65 days, it supports a magnetic charger if you charge it once for one and a half hours, you will be able to use it for 10 days despite having this huge LCD screen, it consumes less energy. If you are the one who is just looking for a watch full of features in the budget series, then the series 6 smart watch is the best option for you.

Final Verdict

A budget of Rs, 10000/- is normal to buy a smart watch. In this price range, brands are providing quality smart watches at low prices to make smart watches trending in Pakistan. Everyone should use a smartwatch in Pakistan because of its amazing and useful features and low prices. If you want to buy a smart watch in Pakistan, then leyjao.pk is the best online marketplace to buy a watch with huge discounts. Looking for a smartwatch that does the job on a limited budget, look at smartwatches under 3000.

With easy payments through easy paisa, jazz cash, credit card, debit card, and qistpay, there is another choice to pay cash on delivery. Search for your favorite watch on this platform and add it to the cart or buy directly by putting your mail, phone number, and address. It will be delivered to you in a few days with one click.

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