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T500 Plus Smart Watch

Best Smart Watches in Pakistan Under 2000 | Leyjao.pk

Smart Watches in Pakistan Under 2000 Leyjao.pk is offering the best-ever smart watches at the lowest price in Pakistan. If you are one who can’t afford a smart watch with full features and specifications but wants to enjoy the best LCD screen and a battery with reliable band material, then you should consider this in a price range. Certainly, this platform provides the best options to customers under Rs 2000/-. This price range includes smartwatches without a warranty. The price of a smart watch with minimum features and specs starts from Rs 800/- and goes up to Rs, 80000/-. However, in this blog, we are going to disclose the best smart watches under Rs 2000/-.

Some of the watches come with excellent features and specifications that are best for sports persons, senior citizens, students, travelers, and hill climbers. These watches contain huge batteries that can last up to two weeks with a single charge. If we talk about screen size and display, these watches have 1.54 inches and 1.75 inches large screens with IPS or AMOLED high-resolution displays. There are so many options available at leyjao.pk in different price ranges. We are going to list some of the watches under Rs 2000/- with the details.

Top Smart Watches in Pakistan Under 2000 

T500+ Plus Smart Watch

T500+ plus is considered to be the best-ever mobile watch under Rs 2000/- in Pakistan. This is the best watch because of its features, specifications, and good battery life. T500+ plus smartwatch has a 1.75 Inches IPS LCD with 320 X 385. This shows the largest screen of a touch watch in this price range. If we talk about the display, t500+ has a high-resolution display that shows notifications.T500 Plus Smart WatchIf you are one of the price-conscious people living in Pakistan and looking for a watch that fulfills your needs, then you must go for T500+. This is available for Rs 1999/- only. At this price, no brand gives sensors like heart rate monitors, blood pressure monitors, and blood oxygen monitors. This mobile watch also has Android and iOS support. This is the best watch for women.

We talk about the battery, T500+ plus has an extra-large battery of 180 mah. Certainly, this is the biggest battery ever in a smart watch under 2000 rupees in Pakistan. Subsequently just charge it for one and a half hours and use it for a week or 10 days, depending on the usage and screen energy consumption. At leyjao.pk, T500 plus smart watch is available in different colors like silver, Black, Rose Gold, Red, and Blueberry.

M5 Smart Watch 

M5 smart watch is another best option under this price range, especially for fitness lovers. This watch is more like a bracelet that takes care of your fitness. Subsequently, with some exciting modes and features, no other watch can compete with the M5 smart watch in this price range. Quality, band material, display, and sensors are of astonishingly high quality. This watch supports Android 4.4 or above.M5 Smart WatchIf we talk about features related to fitness, M5 has good battery timing, long press function keys, and is slim. This watch has only a 90mah battery because of its beautiful and slim design. M5 also has a 0.96 inches IPS color screen display, a single point touch button, and is clear to see even under sunlight. With the capability of life waterproof, you can wash your hands or wear them in the rain without worrying.

Reminders and notifications are on time and accurate. When you buy an M5 smart watch and wear it, you will feel like wearing a simple bracelet. This watch is available at leyjao.pk for just Rs 1646/-.

 D18 Smartwatch IP65 Waterproof

D18 smart watch IP65 is another waterproof option for sports lovers and rough users. This watch is a round-shaped smartwatch with a beautiful display and is built with high-quality material. It adopts a 1.3-Inch, 240*240 high-resolution HD display screen with light and is built from the inside out. The charging method is very simple with USB Interface Charging. This watch can be considered an option for sportspersons and students. D18 smart watch is available for just Rs.1989/-.

D18 Smart Watch

You can set reminders and see notifications on the screen without carrying your Android phone. Along with all these features, D18 has a 90mah battery which is durable because the screen size and its consumption is not too much. Basic Functions Include Accurate step counting, walking distance detection, Heart rate detection, blood oxygen detection, Workout mode, blood pressure detection, Long-sitting reminder, Intelligent alarm clock, etc.

Sport Smartwatch Y68

Bluetooth’s sport smart watch y68 is the best  smart watch option in this price range. This watch has a strong Bluetooth connection that supports BT 4.0 or above. This watch supports OS versions iOS 8.0 or above and Android 4.4 or above. The perks of a smartwatch are not limited to ladies only, you can get a smartwatch for men for your father, brother, or your friend too. The best thing about this mobile watch is the connection to your car, smartphone, laptop, and Pc via Bluetooth.Y68 Smart WatchThis watch has a 100mah battery with superfast charging through USB type cable. Along with all of this, the y68 smart watch has a 1.3 inches super TFT screen size. This has a single-touch key with a bountiful and user-friendly interface. This watch is available at leyjao.pk for just Rs, 1390/-.

Final Verdict

Pakistan is a huge market for watch lovers and the vendors who sell these watches. There are so many brands that are selling these watches at cheap rates. In this blog, we have provided all the information regarding smart watches under Rs 2000/- in Pakistan. Take a look at smartwatches under 3000 have multiple benefits for a tech beginner.

If you are the one who is willing to buy a mobile watch or wants to know more about smartwatches, then you are exactly at the right place. Here, you can read the above content for the information and can easily buy it by clicking the link or visiting leyjao.pk. The process is super easy. If you have a limited budget, you can have a smartwatch under 5000.

There is also a delivery option for Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Quetta, Peshawar, and Sialkot.

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