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best sunscreen

Best Sunblock in Pakistan For Your Face and Body 2021

One of the reasons for premature ageing is overexposure to the sun. If you wish to delay signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fatigue then you must protect yourself from harmful UV rays. One way of doing this is to avoid going out in the sun especially during peak hours. But if you have to leave the house for essential errands then make sure you wear the best sunblock.

best sunblock

Many people remain oblivious of the benefits of investing in a good sunscreen. Some even see it as a waste of money but if you don’t want to waste money on Botox and getting skin treatments then best to use sunscreen as part of your daily skincare regime.

This blog will help you find the best sunblock in Pakistan. Few things to keep in mind when looking for sunscreen; firstly it must be at least SPF 30. If you have to spend more time in the sun then we suggest a higher SPF or reapplying the best sunblock after every 2 hours.

List of Best Sunblock in Pakistan 

Nexton Sunblock

This lightweight, non-greasy formula formulated with zinc oxide and liquid paraffin, the chances of irritating your skin are slim to none. It is also water-resistant which means you can use it easily during workouts.


Sunrise at Maldives

Rivaj UK Whitening and Vanishing Sunblock

It is no surprise all Rivaj products are met with glowing reviews. This is the best sunblock that leaves the skin with a smooth, matte finish and combines nicely with makeup.


Sunrise at Maldives


LUSH Sunblock

This face and body sunscreen impart a shine-free finish that won’t clog pores. It is also water-resistant, making it a great option for those who love spending time outdoors.


Sunrise at Maldives

LUSH Face and Body Sunblock

This is another great sunscreen from LUSH with SPF 80, safe for all skin types and ages. It is non-sticky and water-resistant for up to 80 minutes. Dermatologists suggest that you must reapply every 2 hours to get the best results and have your skin protected from the harmful UV rays.


Sunrise at Maldives

Rivaj UK Sunblock SPF 90

Rivaj sunscreen belongs in the list of best sunblock in Pakistan. It is designed to leave your skin with a smooth finish.


Sunrise at Maldives

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