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Best Toys for Kids to Keep Them Busy at Home

Best Toys for Kids to Keep Them Busy at Home

Having a toddler isn’t easy for stay-at-home moms. We all know what it is like to keep the child entertained with toys for kids for endless hours just to end up exhausted.

For working moms this becomes an even greater challenge where she has to juggle between a job, looking after the family, and keeping the home in a spic and span condition. While your hands are already full it isn’t easy coming up with ideas. We have rounded-up baby toys that you can work around activities that will keep your little one happy and busy.


One of the simplest ways to keep children busy is by getting them playdough. This is even going to replace the need for car toys as kids will love them so much. Parents can get a tray and slice it into pieces so kids can handle it easily.  Ultimately, it should be about how much fun the kids had rather than making sure you have a clean home.


Playdough is a great choice when it comes to toys for kids. It gives a chance for the kid to get creative and build things with their hands. This actually gives them strength and helps to build fine motor skills. You can look up ideas on YouTube to see how to engage kids with play dough for making car toys, trucks, flowers, etc.

Colour Matching Activity

The color-matching activity is the most interesting. You can use girls’ toys or colorful balls to do this activity. Parents must involve their kids to teach them this activity. Keep a tray and separate the same color balls in one corner. This is also a very good way to teach kids about colors and introduce them to new ones.

colorful balls

You can also use car toys for kids to carry out the same activity. Cars, jeeps, and bicycles are perfect to use to identify colors. What we love about this game is how kids can play in a group so you don’t have to worry about siblings not sharing their baby doll toys.

Paper Art

Kids love making drawings and spilling colors. Parents are careful not to hand over crayons in their hands out of fear that they may ruin walls or furniture. However, it shouldn’t be this way. Children learn when they are having the most fun time.


However, with art supplies, this isn’t the case. Get your child pencils, paper, and markers and they will stay busy hours making anything that comes to their mind. If you are out of ideas then having art supplies on hand is always a great way for children to spend time productively. Things are bound to get messy afterward but what good is any time if not spent excitingly?

Mind Puzzles

Another great option when searching for toys for kids is online puzzles. These are super educational and challenge the mind. There are different types according to age and difficulty level. You can easily find ones for toddlers and they will be easy for the child to attempt on their own. Unlike baby doll toys, kids can try them on their own and also play in a group.

Mind Puzzles

Tower Building

Get building blocks that will be a great activity to keep your child occupied. Blocks can be used to build just about anything. For older kids, legos are quite popular and give more options. We often think kids will get bored of the same thing but this isn’t the case.

building blocks

Children are mesmerized each time they are given toys and they find new ways to use them. Playtime shouldn’t have to be alone. Parents can get other cousins to join in and they will have more fun this way. As they say, the more the merrier.

We hope this article will have given you enough ideas to get started right away. If you are looking for creative toys for kids at reasonable prices then make sure to visit leyjao. pk. There are many interesting options and a collection that will pique your interest.

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