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Bridals Makeup How to Guide – Give the Bride Stunning Look

It is your big day and you have a big task at hand i.e. to find a bridal makeup artist. This is perhaps the most taxing things planned out. But before you get started, you have to prepare your skin to look its best. Next, you must decide your wedding day look in detail. We have put together this blog to address the basic pointers.

Bridal Makeup Tips

Pakistani Bridal Makeup

Start with the Basics

All beauty experts agree that one must never rush headfirst into dulhan makeup. For a seamless result, it is best to prep your skin. We will start by moisturizing the skin. This is the holy grail of makeup tips and tricks. Ensure that your skin is moist and healthy before applying the first layer of any product.

While we are at getting the skin ready, there may be some skin issues that you have. It is best to address those in advance. Acne is the number one problem which every girl faces. When you have time you can easily go for treatments and procedure which will completely cure your face of acne.

Invest in a good primer

A good primer will ensure that your engagement makeup lasts longer without fading. There are many good brands available at leyjao.pk. Once you choose a quality product, it will produce good results. So we recommend that you don’t compromise on quality. For those of you who don’t know much about primers, it would be helpful to learn more about them. There are also primers for eye products which are equally important.

There are many bridal Pakistani makeup artists that you can search from the Internet. How well your bridal experience goes depends primarily on having a clear idea of the type of look you want to go for. Many times people walk in clueless and they end up unhappy with the results. So make sure you do your homework and get as many ideas as possible by looking at what’s trending.

Based on the current trends, here is what the experts have to say!

Ever Natural

Experts in bridal makeup agree that less is more. As times are changing and new trends from the west are making round on the Internet, people are slowly moving away from looks that depend on heavy accessorizing. If you also want to choose a natural, easy-on-the-eyes makeup, here is how you can achieve that look.

  • Select undertones according to your skin tone.
  • Try different shades of pink for eye shadow.
  • Opt for a nude lip color or light pink shades.
  • Use blush or highlighter that accentuates your skin without going overboard.

The whole idea behind creating a natural bridal makeup for walima is to enhance your natural features.

  • The Metallic Shimmer

This is another look that is favorite of many people. This look will add glam and is best for dulhan makeup on baraat day. Here the key product is the eye shadow. The shimmer will add to your skin’s glow on your special day. Some of the tips to create this look:

  • Ensure your lips and eyes are coordinating with each other. Metallic shades give a heavy look so you don’t want to do too much otherwise.
  • The highlighter should blend well and not stand out.
  • Create a smudged look with your eyeliner.

Go Glam

If you wish to ace an opulent engagement makeup ensemble, here is how you can do it:

  • Select dark tones for your eyes.
  • The eyeliner and eyeshade should be in sync.
  • Choose a pink or rosy blush
  • Choose accessories that don’t overshadow your makeup
  • For lip color shades of red and crimson are your best options.

Last but not least, these latest bridal makeup looks are for your guidance. You don’t have to follow trends religiously. Choose a look that the color of your dress matches with and most importantly, what you are comfortable with. For makeup products, check out leyjao.pk as they have a wide selection of quality brands which can help you create that perfect bridal makeup for walima look. What is great about shopping from online platforms is that you can buy from the comfort of your home and have it delivered at your doorstep. We hope these simple tips will help you create that dream wedding magical look.

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