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Smart Watches under 3000

Buy Top 5 Smart Watches under 3000 in Pakistan | Leyjao.pk

Smart watches under 3000 are becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. This change in Pakistan was brought about by the linking of a watch with a smartphone, which enables the user to check notifications, make reminders, listen to music through a Bluetooth connection, answer calls, track and monitor options, and more, all while sporting a great look. The data from sales indicate that the smart watch price under 3000 is the one that is selling at the best rates. Students, instructors, business travelers, and staff will all benefit from using these watches.

People in Pakistan are very concerned about their money. As a direct consequence of this, sales of inexpensive watches are brisk. Despite their low price, these watches contain with incredible features and have a wide range of great specs. Today, we are going to discuss some of the most impressive touch watches that can be purchased for less than Rs 3,000. The pricing is within reach for the vast majority of people who live in Pakistan.

Top 5 Smart Watches Under 3000

T55 Smart Watch

The T55 smart watch is the best option for those who look for an elegant design, screen resolution, and display. These are the key features of this watch. Along with this, T55 comes with a 1.54 inches LCD screen. The screen consumes energy, and to get rid of this, a large built-in battery. You can charge it once a week and use it. A full charge takes one and a half hours only. It has a lithium battery.

T55 Smart Watch 

If we talk about other features, this watch has a heart rate monitoring sensor, a strong operating system, and IP67 waterproof for rain and sweat. Health data, tracker, pedometer, and calorie consumption calculator are other features that should be under your consideration when buying a watch. This watch is also the best smart watch for women in Pakistan. The T55 smart watch price in Pakistan is Rs, 2700/- only.

T100 Plus smart watch series 7

The T100 plus series 7 smart watch is a budget watch with 1.75 inches full HD display. The watch is best for sports and travel because of its fitness tracking options and good battery. If you are looking for a smart watch for men at Rs 2,999/-. If we talk about the best features in this price range, no other watch has all the features in one place like Bluetooth 4.0, Heartbeat, Blood Pressure, Fitness Band, Tracking System, Music Listening, Calling System, Messaging System, Dialer, Wallpapers.

T100 Plus smart watch

Along with all the features, this watch has a 3.7V/195mah battery. It means if you charge it for just an hour, the watch will last 5 to 6 days without any disturbance. The watch shows notifications and reminders on a large screen that can be checked.

Fk68 Smart Watch

If you are looking for a watch with the best battery in this price range, then you are exactly at the right place. Fk68 has a 180 to 220mah powerful battery. If you charge it for just 60 to 70 minutes, you can use it for a week or 10 days, and on standby time, it can last up to a month.

Fk68 Smart Watch

This watch is the best option for people who travel a lot. Fitness lovers and people who go to the gym can get an advantage from this watch.

Fk68 smart watch has some extra features and modes for fitness lovers like sensors, trackers, and monitoring features. Among the listed ones, this watch is considered to be a better option for students, fitness-conscious, and travelers. This watch collects information about the battery, features, and specifications, focusing specifically on these sectors of society. This watch is available for just Rs, 2695/- only.

T500 Full Touch Screen Smart Watch 

T500 smart watch is another watch that became a super hit in Pakistan in this price range. A powerful 220mah battery, 1.54-inch large LCD screen, and an HD high-resolution display. All three major things that are being looked at when a customer purchases a watch are present in the t500. If we talk about its design, this watch comes with an elegant design in black color and the best quality band material.

T500 Smart Watch


So many other features are also a reason behind the most sales of this smart watch. The other features are 256 MB memory Bluetooth push notifications for Facebook, We chat, emails, and other app notifications. This watch is a full package for all smart watch lovers. The processor, RAM, ROM, and sensors are amazingly good in this price range. This watch is available for just Rs, 2436/- only.

Mc72 Pro Series 6 Smart Watch

Mc72 Pro is also included in value-for-money watches. If you have a small budget and want to buy a beautiful smart watch with a powerful battery, then you should also consider Mc72. This is the only watch in this price range that has a 280mah, so powerful battery with good backup and charging time. Use it for weeks after charging once. This watch has so many features like trackers, monitors, sensors, and huge screen sizes.

Mc72 Pro Smart Watch


A 1.75 inches big screen with an HD display is a plus. Screen dimensions are 320*385 IPS 2.5D Curved Full Touch Screen. Go for this watch if you are looking for the features and specifications you are looking for.

Wrapping It up

Pakistan is becoming a huge market for smart watch lovers. Especially if you are interested in buying smart watch from an online platform. Leyjao.pk is the most useful platform to get these smartwatches we have talked about. In this post, we have shared with you the best budget series smart watches under 3000 with minimum prices and maximum features. You can choose a watch for you by looking at the feature and specifications you need in a watch under your budget.

If you look at our blog section, you can get information about smart watches price under 5000. If you have any questions or queries about the watch or are facing problems in purchasing or adding a product to the cart, you can definitely tell us in the comment section. Our customer service representative team will be solving your issue very quickly.

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