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Best Smart Watches Under 5000

Buy Smart Watches in Pakistan under 5000 | Leyjao.pk

Smart Watches in Pakistan is a huge e-commerce marketplace with millions of buyers. The people living in Pakistan are getting online shopping very seriously. Subsequently they are bringing comfort to their lives by offering online products from different online shopping marketplaces. Leyjao.pk is one of the best marketplaces offering huge discounts on different products. Smart watch category at leyjao.pk is growing because of the quality, fastest delivery, and huge discounts.

If you are someone from the fashion industry, health and fitness industry, an employee, or a student, then you will extreme advantages by purchasing a smart watch. It will add value to your life. For example you will be able to set reminders according to your schedule, and many more things can be done with a touch smart watch. The features and specifications of these watches are very useful for every single citizen.

Here, the people working in different professions or studying somewhere are a bit price-conscious. As a result they always look for a watch with maximum features and specifications in a lower price range. We will list the best smart watches in Pakistan under your budget.

Top Best Touch  Smart Watches in Pakistan Under 5000/-.

Fitness Watch Hw21  Ip68 Waterproof

Hw21 Ip68 is the best option for those who take care of their fitness. The watch includes every fitness-related feature that can help a fitness lover. Another feature that must be mentioned is its battery. Hw21 has a 200 mah powerful battery. If you charge it with the magnetic charging cable for an hour, it can last up to 67 days. This is dustproof and waterproof with IP68.  Hw21 has a 1.28 inches TFT screen with 240*240 resolution.

Fitness Watch Hw21 Ip68

The material used to make this watch is Metal, ABS, and rubber. The quality of this watch is better as compared to other watches in this price range. The watch has PPG Bio Heart Rate and a G-Sensor. No other brand is giving so much quality, features like this, or specifications in this price range. The watch covers all the things that should be in a smart watch.

Smart Watch W 17 Microwear

Smart watch w 17 is a men’s smart watch specially created for sports persons. This is a customized watch with more sports modes. This is the only watch in the budget series that has 9 built-in sports modes like Walking, Running, Cycling, treadmills, Skipping Rope, Strength Training, Basketball, Football Yoga, And So On. Along with all of this, the watch has 1.9 inches IPS screen with a beautiful display to show notifications. The w-17 smart watch is available for just Rs, 4250/- in Pakistan.

Smart Watch W 17

Another plus point for this watch works as a sleep tracker, Provides 24/7 Real-Time heart rate monitoring, and automatically monitors your sleep (deep sleep, Light sleep, and awake time) From 20:00 Pm To 10:00 Pm the next day so that you can know your sleep quality in detail. The band material used in this watch is of high quality. Silicon is used to make strips. A sports lover will love this watch because of its modes, features, battery, and screen size.

IWO N76 Smart Watch Series 7

IWO N76 smart watch series 7 is also a good option for those who want so many features in one place on a low budget. This watch has a powerful battery with one month of standby time. The battery can be charged within 2 hours with a wireless charger. The other feature that brought so many smart watch lovers to this watch is the screen size. IWO N76 watch series 7 is available in Pakistan for Rs, 4699/- only.

IWO N76 Smart Watch

This watch has 1.75 inches full HD IPS display with 320*385 resolution. As a result of this plus point, everyone among the budget series watch lovers started buying IWO N76 series 7. You can check notifications and reminders with this large screen and IPS display. In addition, other Features like the Custom Watch Face, Message Notifications, Alarm, Find Watch, Weather, Music Controls, and Password Unlocking.

Hw13 Series 6 Submersible Version, 2021

Hw13 series 6 is a submersible version that came into the market a year ago. The best thing about this watch is the full screen with 320*320 dimensions. This watch is launched by Dollarsmart. A high-quality band and dial are used.

Along with this, the Hw13 series 6 smart watch latest version has a square shape design with a beautiful HD high-resolution display.

Hw13 Series 6

As this is a budget series watch, the company has not included extraordinary features and specifications. However, a plus point about this watch is it comes with a color variation. Therefore, you can choose between black, blue, white and pink. This watch is a good smart watch for women and men. Hw13 series 6 smart watch supports Android 5.0 or above or iOS 9.0 or above. This watch is waterproof to 50 meters! As a result, it has better IP68 water resistance on the market. You can wear it with confidence whether it is raining, snowing, sprinkling, showering (not a hot bath), or swimming.

Final Verdict

Smart watches in Pakistan under 5000 are usually full of features and specifications. Features included in a watch can suit a person as per need. A fitness lover would like to buy W17 smart watch instead of another one with some different features. Everyone looks at features according to their needs. A big screen and a powerful battery are the things that can be under everyone’s consideration. We have shared with you the information regarding budget watches. Shared with you the best ones.

Smart watches are getting so popular in Pakistan because of new features and useful things that we can do having a touch watch. If you are the one who is looking for a watch under a budget, please write your budget in the comment section. We will share with you the best watches under your budget. Have a look at smartwatches under 3000 and enjoy features for yourself.

If you want to know more about smartwatches, please give feedback.

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