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Jade Rollers

Do Jade Rollers Really Work

Jade Rollers – I follow some beauty influencers on Instagram and couldn’t help notice them rolling their face with a handheld tool and two rollable stones attached at each end. I am sure you must have also come across similar posts.

Out of curiosity, I wanted to get to the bottom of all the hype around these so-called jade rollers. Which is how I did research and here I would like to share my insights on exactly how effective is this tool for achieving clear skin.

Jade Rollers

What are jade rollers?

Jade rollers are a beauty tool designed to improve circulation and reduce puffiness. It typically consists of a large and small stone roller joined by a handle. You can use it in various areas of the face and is a great, relaxing addition to your skincare routine.

Benefits of jade rollers

The stones used in a jade roller are very smooth and will easily glide on the face. Regular use is going to drain excess fluids from the face, combat wrinkles and result in a firmer skin over time.

Once you have applied your face moisturizer and serum, using a jade roller will help the products to better absorb into the skin. To get the best results, you must apply the right technique. The large roller is to be used around the cheeks, the forehead and the neck whereas the small roller is meant for under the eyes and around the mouth. The right way to roll is by using upward and outward movements.

 Do jade rollers work?

There are mixed opinions and it also depends on how often you are using it, and whether you are using jade rollers in the right manner. We decided to get behind the science of using gemstone rollers on the face. Dermatologists have backed the myth that gemstones are beneficial for stimulating the lymph system, which is responsible for a healthy immune system. They are a substitute for a facial massage which also assists in bringing oxygenated blood to the skin.

Moreover, we have heard how rubbing ice cubes help to shrink the pores and combat acne. Similarly, you can use a chilled jade roller for the same purpose. The votes are in and we can safely say that jade rollers are an effective beauty tool that you ought to add to your skincare regime. Buy Jade Rollers from Leyjao.pk today

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