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Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Accessories

As much as we give attention to our face by cleansing every day and exfoliating once every week, the same amount of care must be given to makeup accessories. These beauty tools are often neglected which in some cases can lead to dire consequences. After all, we are applying makeup on our face and sensitive areas such as the eyes, so they too deserve our full attention.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Accessories

In this blog, we will highlight simple ways to take care of sponges, brushes and beauty blenders, which we use as part of our everyday routine. Failing to do so can lead to bacteria and germs that can contaminate the skin. One of the common reasons for people who suffer from acne, blocked pores and impurities on the skin that leads to whiteheads are dirty brushes! Many women are either too lazy or forgetful of having cleaned their makeup kit thoroughly. So, here are easy tips to keep your beauty products in a good condition.

Makeup Accessories Screaming For Your Attention!


Brushes can become a breeding ground for germs that can make your skin prone to acne and whiteheads. So, it is highly imperative to keep them clean as possible. Moreover, if you are a makeup enthusiast and love experimenting then a used brush will give a mixture of shades. We recommend cleaning makeup accessories after every use. But if you can’t, then make sure you are doing it once every week. Simply mix some shampoo with water and leave the tools for 5 minutes, and later rinse with running water.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Accessories

Brushes made of natural hair that are mainly used for powders must be cleaned with soapy water. When you air dry them, make sure they are placed flat so that the wooden wand doesn’t get damaged. These brushes can also be conditioned once a month so they remain soft and supple.

If you have synthetic ones, these don’t require the same amount of care so you can also use a common detergent but make sure you don’t overdo them.

Makeup Sponges/ Beauty Blender

These are frequently used and the more you have of these, the better. It is a good idea to have a separate for applying foundation, and one for face powder. Ideally, single-use sponges are most hygienic but not so common in our part of the world.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Accessories

The correct way to clean these makeup accessories is by washing them with some mild baby shampoo. You can also use a drop of disinfectant liquid to get rid of any germs. When drying them make sure they are left on a clean surface. As you will be using it on the face again so you don’t want the beauty blender to come into contact with dust particles.

Brushes for lipsticks

We recommend following the same method of cleaning so it gives a boost of radiance. Many people remain unaware that all makeup products have an expiry date attached to them. Although you may not see it mentioned on the foundation, eye shadow palette but there is a thumb rule which you must follow.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Accessories

One of the easiest ways to detect that it is time to get rid of your foundation or moisturizer is when the product leaves visible oil. Simply pour some foundation on your palms and observe it is leaving oil. This is your cue to throw the product away!

Makeup bags

Makeup bags are often ignored when it comes to cleaning. One of the easiest ways to clean makeup accessories is to put them in the washing machine. Every time you will empty your makeup bag to clean it, you will also get a chance to sort out the makeup kit and use that one pink shade that you purchased but never really got a chance to apply it.

Easy Ways To Clean Your Makeup Accessories

We hope this article will give you a heads start and you will get right to cleaning your precious makeup kit today!

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