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Easy Ways to Get Spa – Style Face Clean at Home

Indulging in a relaxing facial is every girl’s favorite splurge. However, going to the spa doesn’t seem like a favorable thing to do right now. There is no reason why you can’t have that healthy, glowing skin at home. We are here to tell you just how.

Face Clean Tips

What do you need?

For this 4-step mini-facial, all you need is a cleanser, face wash, scrub, moisturizer, and a face mask according to your skin type, cotton bands, hair band, soft towel, and two slices of cucumber. You can easily perform the entire process within 30-minutes in the comfort of your home.

face wash

The Process

Start by tying up your hair and using a hair band to cover the hair tips.

 Step 1 – Cleansing:

This is the most important step to getting a youthful skin. We have heard time and again how important it is to wash the face every time you return home from work. Gently cleansing the face with a cleansing lotion helps to remove dirt and makeup.



There are many products in the market but Danbys Multivitamins whitening cleanser is our all-time favourite. You can buy this from leyjao.pk. This nourishing formula is for all skin types and is also not harsh. But make sure to do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to any skin reactions.

Step 2 – Exfoliation:

Next step is to exfoliate to remove dead skin. Use a face scrub and apply it on areas which you think need extra attention like the chin, forehead. These areas are most prone to white and blackheads. Move your fingers in a circular motion for 3-4 minutes. Now wash your face with running water and use soft napkins or tissue to pat dry.


Step 3 – Moisturizing:

The moisturizer should be massaged in a way that it penetrates the skin and covers the face properly. Massage also helps to improve circulation and prevent sagging. The best tool for this purpose is a derma roller. This is the ultimate anti-ageing device that will get the job done at home most effectively.


All the products that you are going to use must be according to your skin type. Most people complain of having their T-zone oily after using a cream. That happens when you have an oily skin type and you use either a gel or cream designed for dry skin. Once the moisturizer has been applied, you can leave your skin for a few minutes so that it will allow the cream to sink in.

Step 4: Mask

We are almost drawing to the end of the getting facial at home. Applying a mask is the last step as now the skin has been properly prepped up. There is a large variety of masks available in the market. You can buy one according to your skin’s needs. Whether you are looking to treat acne, improve the skin dullness or give your skin a youthful radiance.

Face Mask

You will find a mask that specifically targets your problem. While you have the mask on for nearly 15-20 mins, place cucumber slices on your eyes and lie down in a quiet room. You can have some of your favourite music playing in the background. This is also a great way to recharge yourself. Once the mask is dried, simply wash it with running water and let your face air dry.

You will notice any instant glow and this must be followed with a sunscreen if you are going to step out of the house. We hope this article will have provided you with simple ways to get an instant facial at home without breaking the bank.

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