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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Final

FIFA World Cup

The World Cup in football (soccer) is an annual quadrennial event consisting of 32 national teams for men.  The Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) organize this event. However, it decides the sport’s male world champion. It is the most-watched sport globally and draws billions of viewers. Furthermore, the World Cup happens every four years to have sufficient time for the qualification tournaments. It is ample time for playoffs amongst countrywide groups. Additionally, four years offer the host United States of America the time necessary to graph the logistics of the match. This will give them an idea about how to accommodate an inflow of tens of millions of fans.


The First competition to win the cup was held around 1930 by the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA). Uruguay won this title. It has been held every four years since its inception, except during World War II. The tournament consists of international sectional competitions. This led to a final elimination tournament comprised of 32 teams representing the national team. In contrast to Olympic soccer, World Cup teams do not restrict players to an age limit. Professional status and the tournament function more as a match with the top players in the world.

How does qualifying for the World Cup work?

Qualifying for the World Cup has been lengthy throughout the years. Each of the Federation International de Football Association’s six confederations determines its qualification system. However, This produces the men’s groups that signify every confederation’s region. The six confederations are North America; Central America; Caribbean Africa; Asia; Europe; Oceania; and South America.

World Cup Prize Money:

World Cup prize cash comes from the income of the nonprofit Federation International de Football Association. FIFA’s revenue comes from excessive bids for television. Moreover,  this includes marketing and licensing rights for the main soccer occasions that FIFA organizes. FIFA no longer receives costs for developing World Cup infrastructure. However, these costs fall on the host country.

World Cup’s Top Scorer

The men’s World Cup all-time top scorer is “Miroslav Klose” of the German country-wide football team. He scored sixteen goals throughout 4 World Cup tournaments from 2002 to 2014. Brazilian women’s country team, “Marta” scored her seventeenth World Cup goal at some stage in the 2019 World Cup. She is the top scorer throughout the men’s and Women’s Tournaments. She played in 5 World Cups from 2003 to 2019.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™

The male national teams of the FIFA member clubs will play in The 2022 FIFA World Cup. This year’s 22nd FIFA World Cup will take place in Qatar from 20 November through 18 December 2022. It will be the very inaugural World Cup in the Arab world and Muslim world.  This will be the second event that will take place entirely in Asia following the 2002 event. The previous one was held in South Korea and Japan. 

France are the reigning champions after defeating Croatia by 4-2 during the final of the 2018 tournament. The cost of over $220 billion, it will be the largest World Cup ever held. However, the organizing chief executive Nasser Al Khater challenges this figure. Moreover, he claimed the actual cost was around $8 billion. However, the other figures are related to the overall infrastructure development.  After that, the World Cup was awarded to Qatar in 2010.

Qatar worked hard for this World Cup. They trained people and built stadiums. However, this cost them a lot of money. Furthermore, they build big infrastructure for the future. They are also bidding for the mega events in the future. So, this is making their investment worthwhile.

Last Football World Cup With 32 Teams

This event is the last one with 32 teams participating. And the field is set to expand by 48 players for 2026’s edition. So, this World Cup will take place from November through December.  So that players do not have to fight Qatar’s scorching climate. In addition, The tournament is played over 29 days, and 64 games are scheduled at eight venues across five cities. The Qatar national football team entered the contest automatically. They were marking it their first World Cup. Qatar played his best team. But it did not go their way.

Consequently, Qatar was eliminated from the three group games. It was a great effort. They were playing for the first time. And they lost with pride. It showed their hard work. However, They were the first hosts to lose every single game. Moreover, they were the only hosting country (after South Africa in 2010) not to make it beyond the first stage. Furthermore, the teams played in eight round-robin groups comprising four sections in the opening round of the tournament’s finals.  Two top teams of each group advancing the next stage. Sixteen teams made it to the knockout stage. Three rounds were played to determine who would take part in the final.  

The final is scheduled for 18.12.2022 in Lusail Stadium on Qatar’s National Day. Qatar made a statement with this gesture. Hosting the final on a national day was important. However, the choice of hosting this World Cup in Qatar has been controversial. Furthermore, Qatar handled migrant women and workers and its policy on LGBT rights. Moreover, Qatar’s climate of insufficient football culture, changes to the schedule, and broader FIFA corruption. Furthermore, Qatar is dealing with these accusations. And they are trying to make it free of controversies.

Teams Qualified For the Semi-Finals of Qatar 2022
  •    Croatia
  •    Argentina
  •    Morocco
  •    France
FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Semi-finals results

Semi-final 1: December 14, Wednesday

Argentina VS Croatia (Argentina Won 3-0)

Winner: Argentina


Semi-final 2: December 15, Thursday

France vs. Morocco (France Won 2-0)

Winner: France


FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Third-place playoff result

3rd place playoff: December 17, Saturday

Croatia vs. Morocco

Croatia vs. Morocco

FIFA World Cup 2022 results: Final result

Final: December 18, Sunday

Argentina vs. France

FIFA World Cup 2022 results


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