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Tohfa for Taleem – First time ever exciting Subsidy for the Education Sector of Pakistan by Leyjao!

Tohfa for Taleem – Leyjao.pk is introducing education discounts for both students and educationists nationwide. It is part of its campaign ‘TohfaforTaleem’. This exclusive scheme is introduced by an online marketplace. Leyjao is proud to give discounts and subsidies for education. You can get discounts on your student ID. Teachers can also avail discounts on their ID.

Leyjao welcomes students and teachers in their company. All you need is a valid .edu email address and from there they can complete the signup process. This signup requires your student or teacher identity. However, you can choose the institution number as well. When you sign up with an edu email, you get a notification about sales.  You will know when there is a sale. So you do not miss out the opportunity.


However, after registration, you will get a coupon code that can be used to buy different products. Moreover, you can also avail the best sales discount from leyjao. It includes leftover sales and many more things.

Wide Range of Products

Leyjao has more than 25000 sellers onboard. It has a wide range of products for everyone. You can get high-quality products here. It is a one-stop shop. Furthermore, you can easily get these products at your home. It brings convenience and ease to your shopping. 

Every student has a limited budget. They cannot spend freely. Moreover, they are dependent on their parents. So, they ask for pocket money from their parents. They have to buy their accessories and basic things with this pocket money. So, Leyjao is proudly bringing discounts and subsidies. They can buy their favorite products without worrying.

Students can buy anything with coupons. These are the cash coupons. So, you do not have to worry. You can also avail of discounted products with these coupons.

However, after this, they will become eligible for the discount on multiple categories. It includes thousands of products. You can buy anything from trending electronics like DSLR cameras, camera accessories, and smartwatches to in-vogue fashion staples like shoes, clothing, and lifestyle accessories. Similarly, from household appliances that make your life easy like epilators, hair straighteners, hair dryers, shavers and trimmers, and other exciting items; consumers can shop anything under the sun. The deal is not valid with any other offers.

The company is giving a 2% discount. Leyjao.pk is going where no other major online marketplace has gone. In a marketplace where earning is made only on commission, leyjao.pk does not charge extra from students. It’s a way for leyjao to acknowledge the role of the teachers. They play in going the extra mile for their students. At the same time, students can also enjoy a shopping experience. The company shared this initiative through its social media platform.

About leyjao.pk

Leyjao.pk has the interest of online shoppers nationwide. From the day Leyjao.pk was launched in 2019, their mission has been to provide quality and value to our esteemed customers. We believe in making lives easier. Furthermore, our products are renowned for their durability. They are worth your money. 

Moreover, if you are looking for cheap products, you can get them at low prices from leyjao. It has the best products from famous sellers. In addition, these sellers offer deals on their products. You can shop your favorite items in installments from leyjao. 

As of 2020, Leyjao.pk is serving more than 300 cities and regions of Pakistan. It has boosted over 25,000 sellers. Leyjao.pk offers everything on one platform. We are starting from electronics, womenswear, menswear, home appliances, furniture, and beauty products. If you are looking for organic beauty products it is the best choice. Moreover, It is the best place for high-quality products at low prices. It provides stylish fashion. You can buy tech accessories and appliances.  

You can get a great selection of high-end brands and unique Pakistani products. Join us to experience the most fun and connected shopping experience at leyjao.pk. Ab shopping hogee Atimad Sey!

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