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Fun Things to Do in Covid

Covid-19 – Fun Things to Do While Stuck at Home

Covid-19 – Needless to say but these are trying times. We are asked to stay home in the hopes of flattening the curve. However, staying at home may be an uphill task for some. How to stay occupied and remain sane at the same time? Well, we have put together this article that will tell you ways to make productive use of your time.

Fun Things to Do During Covid-19

  • Clean your wardrobe

When it comes to cleaning the closets, there is no deciding which one to start from. The pantry in the kitchen needs sorting out. There may be food that is going to expire soon or other items not safe to consume. You haven’t had the time to throw those out and this is why you can’t ask for a better time to have everything in a tidy condition.

wardrobe covid-19

When it comes to de-cluttering, you should give away those dishes and pans that are no longer being used. All they do is take up space and give our kitchen that unkempt look. Every house must have an emergency kit but if you haven’t worked on it yet, now is a great time. Take any box and put flashlight, battery, first-aid items in it. 

  • Organize your phone

We are all guilty of having countless digital photos sitting in the gallery but never getting enough time to organize them by date. You can make an album and upload those to your Facebook account. Besides, what if your phone got lost or data corrupt, you could end up losing all those precious memories. So act fast!

phone organizing

  • Learn a new language

During the pandemic some notable websites are offering free access to some of their programs. This is an excellent opportunity to use your free time most productively. You can enhance your skills, take certification programs or learn a foreign language. The sky is the limit.

learning language

  • Pursue a hobby

Many people say that the 9-5 work routine hardly leaves them with leisure time. Most weekends are spent running errands, cooking or looking after the kids. When you are stuck at home you can do some gardening, embroidery or painting. All these activities are extremely therapeutic and relaxing. Once you start knitting, you will wonder where all the time went. For those who are new to this craft can watch countless videos online. These are amazing and will guide you step by step.

pursue a hobby

  • Embrace culture

Since the entire world is dealing with this pandemic so people have come up with smart ways to connect and heal. Social distancing is not easy and for those people who live alone, it can be extremely hard. All around the world, there are cultural institutions that are offering virtual museum tour, live yoga classes and even live musical concerts. Staying home and getting bored shouldn’t be your excuse, anymore!

embrace culture

These are just some of the activities that you can engage in. Although we all hope that COVID 19 will be over soon but the takeaway from this situation is the extra amount of time you have on hand to do all the things you had always planned.

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