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Genius Travel Packing Tips for a Quick Weekend Getaway

Whether it is a staycation in home country or a trip abroad, these travel packing tips are going to help you create that extra luggage space. Going on vacations is fun but the ever daunting task of packing is the least favourite thing to do. The moment you book the tickets, you rush to the shopping mall to get all those lovely dresses that will make for Instagram worthy pictures.

Genius Travel Packing Tips for a Quick Weekend Getaway

When it comes to putting everything in the suitcase, the last thing you want is to wrinkle your shirt, spill that precious bottle of Chanel perfume or have foundation makeup stain all those new clothes. We’ve rounded up some practical travel packing tips which will save you all the stress.

Travel Packing Tips from Travel Experts

Choose a practical suitcase

Your travel bag is a reflection of yourself, so it should be practical, easy to carry around, stylish and most definitely durable. At leyjao.pk you will find a wide collection of luggage that comes in vibrant colours. One way to make sure your bag stays safe is to brand it with name tags.

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Keep an empty tote for laundry

Keeping a separate shopper is bound to be one of the wise travel packing tips as it will save you the trouble of distinguishing those unused clothes from the ones that have to be washed once you get back home.

Keep breakables in socks

If you are travelling a long distance and there is fear that your travel bag may be tossed around. Take extra precaution and place glass bottles in a sock. This will prevent from getting any scratches.

Keep charging wires in a sunglasses case

If you have more than one mobile charger to carry then there are chances that the wires can get tangled up. To avoid this messy situation, roll them up neatly and put them in a case. This will be easy to find them and they won’t move around on the go.

Put toiletries in a zip-lock bag for safe travel packing tips

Ziplock bags are such life-savers. These see-through bags can be used for both makeup and toothpaste. If anything is about to leak, you will know right away and can fix it before it gets any messier.

Roll clothes, avoid folding them

Rolling clothes not only create more space but is also travel packing tips for keeping those wrinkles off of more delicate fabrics.

Cover your footwear with shoe bags

Having a separate shoe bag will only add to your luggage load. Keeping them in your suitcase may result in mucking things up. You can avoid this situation by placing your dirty shoes in shoe bags so that your clothes don’t get soiled.

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Genius Travel Packing Tips for a Quick Weekend Getaway

Pack one bottom and two different tops. It is more likely that you will re-wear the same jeans or pants. Another way to avoid light coloured clothes from getting any debris is to pack them inside out. We hope these very simple yet thought-provoking travel packing tips will come in handy. Until next time; Bon Voyage!

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