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Hair Brush Straightener 101: Do they work?

If you love those perfect smooth strands. Then a hair brush straightener may well be on your radar. We all know what a hassle it is to blow dry your hair every morning. In an attempt to reach the back of your head. And then use a flat-iron that too may not give the supremely smooth look that you are aiming for. Well, say hello to a straightening brush.

Read on to find out just what these fascinating tools are. Rest assured, you will ditch the flat iron. So you won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning.

What is a hair brush straightener?

This looks like a regular brush with the addition of a long cable and bristles that are chunkier than regular ones. With a flat iron, you have to clamp down on the hair to flatten it, the brush heats the strands through the bristles, resulting in a natural-looking shiny look.

Hair Brush Straightener 101: Do they really work?

Does a hair brush straightener work?

With so many tools surfacing the market, it can be difficult to determine how effective they are. Relatively new but they are fast becoming popular beauty tools.

However, we didn’t want to rely on what the claims were and decided to take things into our own hands. So, we put the straightening brush to the test. And pleasantly surprised we were when it resulted in beautiful straight hair. Yes, it did take slightly longer but it was hassle-free and less fiddly than a flat iron.

How to use

To use them, you simply brush through your hair with an ordinary comb or hairbrush to remove any knots or tangles, then switch on your hairbrush straightener. Position it at the roots, underneath your hair, pointing outwards. If you cannot see the tips of the bristles through the bunch of hair, then you are using too big of a bunch.

Hold the bunch of hair out with your other hand then firmly but slowly brush your hair downwards. You should notice the difference after the first swipe, but you may need 2 or 3 passes to get the perfect finish, and maybe more if your hair is particularly curly.

Hair Brush Straightener 101: Do they really work?

Benefits of hair brush straighteners

  • Less hair damage: these have lower temperatures compared to flat irons but it is designed to provide even heat distribution so the process is faster and results are evident.
  • Easier to manage: we all know what a headache it is to use a flat iron. If you have a friend doing it for you then it becomes much easier. However, a hair brush straightener is easy to master. Just make sure that the hair is properly combed before starting, so it will be easier to glide through with little to no resistance.
  • Easier to touch up: if you have had your hair straightened from a professional salon, the hair will remain straight for a day if you don’t wash it. In a case where there are wedding ceremonies to attend back to back, you can simply use a hair brush straightener to touch up your style.

 We recommend hair straightening brushes and believe these handy tools will be a great addition to your makeup kit. Visit leyjao. pk today and grab one of these at a discounted price.

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