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How AR can Benefit Online Shopping in Pakistan in 2021

Online shopping in Pakistan has seen huge growth in recent years. The e-commerce industry is booming but at the same time, it is also faced with certain challenges.  There are situations where the customers want to touch and feel the product before purchasing. Going to a brick and mortar store would only allow them to do that.

But the situation is rapidly changing. Technology is evolving fast and now online stores can provide human experience by using Augmented Reality. AR hasn’t penetrated our daily lives but this could be the next best thing for online store in Pakistan. Companies that jump on this wave are most likely to secure a much-needed competitive edge.

What is Augmented Reality?

So, what’s all the hype around AR and if you are new to this term then let us give you a basic understanding of it. AR is a technology that lets buyers see the effects of a product on their body or in their home. This is done by simply holding the smartphone in a corner of the home to see how the sofa would look or by pointing the camera on the feet to see how a pair of sneakers would look.

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Benefits of Augmented Reality on Online Shopping in Pakistan

 Pre-Buying Visualization of the Product

Customers can visualize the product in terms of the space it will occupy in their home or office. The online shopping experience is hampered when you can’t decide how the furniture will look in your home.

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This is where AR technology comes in and buyers get to scroll through a large range of products, alter their size, colour and see how the room décor will look. It is especially helpful when you are buying high-value and bulky products.

High level of personalization

Companies understand the importance of providing the maximum level of personalization to their customers. Getting to know the customer allows the brand to better serve them, and when to approach them and when not to. This, in turn, leads to maximum customer retention, high conversion rate, and high lifetime value of the customer.

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E-commerce companies that use AR will see how the whole buying experience shifts to their advantage. When the buyer tries a dress virtually, the AR will collect, save and analyze the information, and give suggestions later on.

Store-like experience

Visiting a brick-and-mortar store allows customers to see all the products neatly displayed on the shelves. Many a time, it can cut through all the confusion and aids in the shopping excursion. Online marketplace in Pakistan can also use AR to create a virtual shelf and replicate this ‘retail aisle’ experience on their digital platforms.

Products are more comprehensible

According to a survey, 90% of online buyers check online reviews before making a purchase and 72% base their final decision on online customer reviews. This just speaks volumes of how careful the customer is before spending money to buy a product online. And we couldn’t agree more as the quality and usability of the product should be kept in view.

These apprehensions which the customer faces during online shopping in Pakistan can be easily removed through AR. Buyers get to view a virtual guide that gives a detailed breakdown of the product manual.AR technology provides an immersive 3D experience which increases the chances of comprehensibility.

We are looking at a future, not too distant where the online marketplace in Pakistan will leverage augmented reality for improving the customer experience. Companies will get a whole new perspective of the online shopper and the way they should adapt to the changing market trends that will ultimately drive more revenue and profit.

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