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does power bank damage battery

How Safe Power Bank Is For Your Smart Phone’s Health

Power banks are all the rage right now. You may ask whether they are safe and if you should get one. Read on to better understand these portable devices and what measures to take when buying them.

Does Power Bank Damage Mobile Battery

Mobile technology is rapidly changing and improving our lives. We are constantly connected to our phone for calling, texting, taking pictures etc. This over usage of the phone is draining battery life that must be replaced to enjoy the good times. There are many instances when you can’t simply stop to plug your device into the wall. This affects mobility and convenience which is why a power bank portable charger was created.

power bank

Your regular charger works just fine but when you are out hiking or spending a day at the beach with friends, you need a power bank so you never miss out on capturing all the great moments. The only concern is whether these are safe?

There are many types of devices available in the market of different styles and sizes; each having unique inputs, lithium batteries and milliamps per hour (mAh). These elements make it unsafe to toss it into a backpack, travel bag or purse.

Specific factors that cause problems 

Choosing the right fast charge power bank comes down to a few factors that you need to know about, and we want to help you understand each one to make the right choice for you, your family, and your travels.

Safety Comes First

We all are eyeing a portable device but ensure that it is safe. A slim power bank won’t render the purpose if it gets too hot in your bag or if it is likely to overcharge your smartphone. Similarly, certain devices can cause a short circuit or damage your appliance. This is why you want to be extra careful and not settle for any standard power banks that compromise on protection and overall safety.

Poor Battery Quality

When a company ignores the type of lithium-ion battery they use, it is most likely to spell disaster in terms of device stability. Recycled and remanufactured batteries found in average chargers increase threats to safety.

 Inefficient Circuit Quality

Bad connectivity and inferior circuit quality between parts is another factor that can cause problems. If certain safety standards are not being met, poor circuits can cause short-circuiting and overvoltage.

Mishandling and Improper Use

People often display very reckless behaviour while using their power bank and similar devices. Keeping it near a wet surface, leaving it plugged in throughout the night or exposing it to high temperatures or the sunlight put the device at risk.

Power Banks that Surpass All Expectations

With all the safety concerns in mind, Leyjao.pk has kept a wide selection of portable chargers set out to address portability issue, convenience so everyone gets exactly what they need to keep their devices running smoothly.

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