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How to Choose the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Home

Finding the perfect colour palette for your home can be tricky. We will highlight some basic tips that can help you choose the right colour scheme for your bedroom or living space.

Create Your Color Palette

Start by creating a colour scheme that complements your style and home decor. There are 4 ways to go about this:

Monochromatic: using different tones of the same colour across the room. You can have a sky blue wall, paired with a dark blue velvet couch, and blue curtains, for example.

Analogous: here, you use colours that appear next to each other on the colour wheel. For example,  a room with blue and purple can be incorporated to create a beautiful and soothing colour palette for your home.

How to Choose the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Home

Contrast:  here, you use contrasting perfect colour palettes,  usually opposite to one another on the colour wheel—for example, greens with blues or reds with purples.

Complementary: finally, you have colours that naturally complement each other. They can create a more dramatic look. For example, blue against orange is a popular complementary colour.

How to Choose the Perfect Colour Palette for Your Home

The basic rule is to start by painting the walls of your chosen colour scheme and then move on to selecting furniture and other home decor pieces. Initially, it can be hard to figure all this out especially if you have little know-how about the different types of colours. You can take help from a paint manufacturer or even an art professional. They will help you choose three to five colours that will repeatedly be used in your space. Another important tip to keep in mind:

  • Choose the lighter colours for painting most walls, approximately 60 per cent of the room.
  • Paint some accent walls in your living room and bedroom, around 30 per cent in the mid-tone colour.
  • Finally, make a splash of colour by the entryway or one wall in your dining room, only 10 per cent in the brightest colour.

These guidelines will help you gel things together nicely and you will be able to seamlessly incorporate the perfect colour palette which you are aiming for.

Factors that will affect the perfect colour palette in your home

Lighting Options

Lighting has a profound impact on how the colours in your room appear. If you choose warm lights, the paint colour on the walls will look more yellow and mellow. Similarly, white light makes look things more bright and shiny.

Using Existing Decor to Set the Tone

Your furniture already has a theme. Look through all your furniture pieces to get an overall idea of the colour you want to add to your decor. Place furniture in the allocated rooms to develop a better understanding of the style such as modern or traditional. Then, move on to choosing decor items. It is recommended to use one wall art having at least three or more colours. Gradually, you can move on to the pillows, bedsheets and curtains etc.

Designing your home is exciting but also nerve-wracking at the same time. But with some professional help and a reliable online shopping platform such as leyjao.pk, you can have everything fit into place easily.

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