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How to Choose The Right Security Camera System

Security Camera System – Having the right surveillance system is bound to have profound benefits for your business. You are not just investing money but also looking for fool-proof security measures. Hence, businesses must ask the following questions before investing in CCTV cameras.

Do you want the Security Camera System obvious or discreet?

This will depend upon the location and what needs monitoring. There are different cameras for both outdoor and indoor use. A bullet camera is a good option if you want to cover a specific area, like in front of a cash register. For a wider field of vision, a dome camera is your best bet.

CCTV Camera

The size of the area you want to cover?

How large and small area it is will determine the best security camera to use and the network type you need. To get started draw a blueprint of the floor area that will help to assess the amount and type of cameras needed. Most businesses can do with a LAN network; however large setup will require a WAN network.

installing cctv camera

The extent of image clarity and detail

The right resolution of the camera will ensure that the image quality isn’t compromised while zooming. So for instance, in wide retail spaces, you want high-resolution CCTV cameras. In office spaces or smaller areas such as reception rooms, the requirement is of low- resolution cameras.

indoor Security Camera System

What are the lighting conditions?

Every time you go for a security camera, it is advisable to first test it on the premises. Keep in mind that indoors and outdoors experience different amounts of sunlight. This will have an impact on the picture quality if there is reflection off the floor or glare from a strong backlighting source.

wife cctv camera

In nightclubs, strobe lighting can have an effect on the CCTV camera. These problems have been taken care of through a wide range of technologies such as IR filters, artificial illuminators to name a few. It is imperative that proper research must be conducted before making the purchase for a security camera system so that your money is utilized effectively.

Do you want audio?

You may ask why audio could be required when it is meant for surveillance. Integrating audio into a CCTV camera system enables personnel to speak and hear with possible perpetrators. From a surveillance standpoint, audio can be used to detect alarms.

CCTV Camera System

Do you intend to add more cameras as time goes by?

The problem with traditional security camera systems is that they are closed-circuit which makes it difficult to scale. This problem is best addressed with IP cameras that connect over a wireless network. These are quite flexible and you can easily add any installation. Adding IP cameras to a network works in much the same way as adding a phone to a VOIP network.  It is straight-forward and you don’t need any wiring to change.

Surveillance systems are a need of the hour. Every business must invest in one as they not only monitor theft but also enhance staff safety.

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