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Firstly, let’s have a short introduction to an affiliate program: An affiliate program might be a kind of promotion strategy that is a lot of the time utilized equally with a referral program. In any event, these two are way more different from each other. And it’s basic to recognize that these techniques are so much identical yet remarkable.

A referral program contains privately proposing products or services from a business to family, companions, or familiars. When compared, an affiliate program is a point where a single offers product services of an organization to their expected clients. With which the person has no close relationship.

Things An Affiliate Program Deals With

That is how an affiliate program might be outlined as a sort of program technique. Where a person alludes to a product or service to a specific audience or niche. Making such a program deals with the sales of the organization, a consciousness of the brand, online traffic, conversion, email sign-up, etc.

What Is Leyjao.pk’s Affiliate Program?

Leyjao is a comprehensive marketplace that has a great number of products. It opens up an outstanding opportunity for those who want to earn a handsome income through their affiliate program. By joining them as their affiliate. The beauty of this program is that anyone can join this whether you are a businessman, shopkeeper, job holder, jobseeker, housewife, working woman, or doing nothing. In short, anyone can join and earn with Leyjao. pk. After joining, every single customer lands on our website and purchases a product through your portal. You will earn a commission for that.

How To Join?

First Step

Just open the Leyjao Affiliate link and go to the upper right corner of the page. Where you will find an option with the name “Account”.

Second Step

By clicking this you will see a drop-down menu in which you will find the option of “Register”.

Third Step

Click this, and that will take you to a form. Now you have to start filling up this form. The first option will be to ask you the “Account Type”, as a “Customer” or as an “Affiliate”. You have to choose the second option, “Affiliate”.

Fourth Step

After that, you have to fill up the remaining form asking about your credentials. Our customer services team will receive your details as soon as you click on the “Register” button at the end of the form. Now, wait until the Leyjao. pk team evaluates your eligibility, approves, and sends you the confirmation. But it does not take too much time!

Create Your Own Links With Your Leyjao Affiliate ID

Create various links, including product links, category links, and shop links, using your Leyjao affiliate ID. We’ll explain how to make your affiliate link by appending your ID to an existing one below. But first, you’ll need to sign in to your leyjao. pk affiliate account. Your affiliate portal will display Two IDs when you log in. There, your ID is written in bold, including “&” and “?” next to each other. Keep your gateway active and follow the instructions below to create links.

How to Pick Shop Link from Leyjao.pk

Simply visit any store on leyjao.pk while logged into your affiliate account and copy the URL. Then, after the slash in the (shop) URL, choose your ID from the affiliate portal (it’s the one highlighted above) and add it.

How to pick Category Link from Leyjao.pk

Simply visit leyjao. pk while logged into your affiliate account, navigate to the category offering the highest commission, and copy the URL. Then, after the slash in the (category) URL, choose your ID from the affiliate portal (it’s the one highlighted above) and attach it.

 How to Pick Product Link from Leyjao.pk

Simply visit leyjao. pk, log into your affiliate account, and select a product with a high commission rate. Then, select your ID from the affiliate portal (it’s the one highlighted above) and append it to the end of the (category) URL after the slash.

Note: See your link carefully when you are adding your ID to the link that already contains a “?”, copy the ID with the “&” Symbol and paste it at the end of the link. And when there is no “?”, add your ID containing the “?” symbol.

How to Shorten a Link?

Visit bitly.com and paste in the link you just created. To shorten a link, paste it into the box and hit the “shorten” button. The link length will be reduced. That link is perfect for sharing with friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snack Video, Pinterest, or any other network.


From whatever field of life, you belong. You can join our affiliate program and can get yourself a handsome source of income. You can also make it your part-time activity or full-time work, either. Both ways will be equally beneficial for you. Since Leyjao. pk is offering an outstanding 35% commission from their profit on each of your sales. Furthermore, Leyjao. pk will keep guiding you from time to time in the future for different ways of earning through the Affiliate Program. So, waiting is no longer a good idea. Join now and start earning!

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