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How to Make Your Makeup Last Longer this Monsoon

The monsoons are here and there is nothing better than grabbing a cup of coffee with friends. This also calls for looking your best against the grey backdrop of the season. But, all you ladies already know that the rain and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. You don’t want layers of melting makeup or going out barefaced. So, what to do?

Make Your Makeup Last Longer

We are going to share some easy makeup tricks that will outlast this humid weather…

Powder-based formulas to the rescue

Creamy foundations are a big no, no in this weather. You will be walking in the rain with eye shadow melting down or smudged due to increased humidity. This will make a complete mess of your face. We suggest you switch to matt finish products that also last longer. You can try the Fit Me Foundation, Pressed Face Powder which promises an even tone coverage.fit me

Just wing it with waterproof mascara and eyeliner

There are some products that you can’t do without and mascara is one of them. For those with almond-shaped eyes know the struggle too well. It is common to hear statements like are you tired or unwell. Using eye makeup is imperative but during monsoons, you must opt for waterproof mascara.

mascara leyjao

Use cream-based blush

Contrary to what we said but creamy blushes are a big yes in the monsoon season. So get your hands on Iconic London illuminator and flaunt that flawless velvety finish. The most popular shades are of pink and peach that blend well for a natural look.Sunrise at Maldives

Less is more

We have heard this golden tip on many occasions but it is more effective when humidity is at its peak. Whether it is day makeup or night makeup, we suggest you follow the less-is-more formula during the monsoon season. These few tips and choosing the right makeup products will keep your makeup game going strong even in the rain.

Sunrise at Maldives

Avoid lip gloss

There is enough humidity in the air that gives the sticky feel. Lip gloss tends to stick or smudge so it is best to avoid them. Although we love the gloss shine and we don’t want to ruin the look with smeary lip gloss. We suggest you try the Huda beauty lip set or the nyx lipsticks from leyjao. These are available in a pack of 12 at throwaway prices so make sure to check them out.

Sunrise at Maldives

So far we have touched upon makeup and the products to use. As for the hair, we suggest that you avoid leaving your hair loose or open as much as possible. The hair is most likely to get oily when mixed with rainwater and sweat giving a tacky look. You can either tie it into a high pony or try different braid styles. There are also many short haircuts to sport this summer.

We hope these very simple and easy tips will prove highly effective this monsoon season and save you from dripping mascara, patchy foundation and smudging lip colour.

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