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Job Fair 2023

Job Fair with Leyjao.PK at NCBA&E

Finding the best job for your career is a difficult task. After completing graduation, starting a good job is the dream of every student. However, this dream looks unachievable when you are unable to find the right job for your career. If you are also suffering from the same phase in your life, Leyjao.Pk is here for your help with his job fair program.

We provide our services in job hunting for you. Lejao.pk works in collaboration with the National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA&E) for students to help them get their dream jobs and internships. 

Recently, a job fair was conducted at the National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA&E) where Leyjao.pk plays a leading role. We provide students with reliable opportunities to start and achieve their career milestones. And how they can get a good job according to their degree.

Job Fair with Leyjao.PK

Search Your Dream Job With Leyjao.pk

Leyjao.pk shares the firm belief that getting a dream job is everyone’s equal right. In this way, we try to make job hunting easier for students. The list of our services at the job fair was very long. We guide students on how to select a profession and explore the best opportunities.

Furthermore, we help students in the preparation for interviews which can prove very helpful in their career plans. Get information about available jobs and internships in your desired fields from us. Take the first step towards your dream job with expert guidance.

Job Fair with Leyjao.PK at NCBA&E

Our Aim

Additionally, our key goal is to match students with jobs and internships of their desired skills. So that they can work properly and meet their passion for their profession. Furthermore, we have a close collaboration with several companies and firms at the national and international levels.

All these companies and firms offer jobs and internship opportunities. So you do not need to worry about your job. We provide a link between students and their dream job. Furthermore, you can visit our website regarding recent events about job fairs.

Make yourself comfortable and talk to us in detail. We know all your fears regarding your career. Career is equally important in everyone’s life. You can not have a good life without a job. Always try to choose a good job and a healthy work environment.

Types Of Jobs & Companies

Every student studies for a different degree. So every degree requires a different type of job. First, you need to understand your area of study. Then you can choose a relatable job. Furthermore, the company also matters a lot. Different companies offer different services.

Numerous international and national companies offer jobs in the fields of pharmaceutical, trade, fashion, health, education, textile, banking, and other sectors. They hunt for potential employers who can prove an asset to their company. Furthermore, practical knowledge also matters a lot.

This career fair was attended by well-known trades, businessmen, media stars, students, and people from different walks of life. They all appreciate the career-seeking step of Leyjao.pk for the students. Not only this, all the recruiter companies give their precious opinion about the potential efforts of the management of NCBA&E and leyjao.pk. The environment of the career fair was very healthy and appreciative.

Participating Award

How To Approach Us

Most students do not know how to get in touch with us. We make it easier for them by arranging a job fair. Furthermore, they can also talk to our team of experts. We know their problems and provide them with solutions. Additionally, they can also choose Leyjao.pk. 

Moreover, they can also join another company. Our HR is also with us at the job fair. So students can interact with the HR. In addition to that, they can send their resume to him. We make everything easy for all students. Lastly, you can talk to our company head. 

Furthermore, take our expert’s guidance regarding the interview.

Job Fair 2023


Our participation in the Job Fair 2023 at the National College of Business Administration and Economics (NCBA&E) was an honor for us. We have the privilege of becoming a prominent part of this huge event. Our services for students are always available. We offer our gratitude to the management of NCBA&E for organizing this event where we provide job opportunities to the students. And thanks NCBA&E for honoring Leyjao.pk with the “Participating Award”.

Video link: https://bit.ly/3GiiGWW

All the students of NCBA&E are always welcome to avail the opportunity of a career fair by leyjao.pk. We will connect you with the best recruiter company and provide you with your desired career step.

Kindly share your interests and skills via mail to hr@leyjao.pk

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