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Leyjao and Bint-Al-Bilaad Clothing Brand Onboard

Leyjao’s Partnership With Bint-Al-Bilaad Clothing Brand

Leyjao.pk is proudly announcing its partnership with Bint-Al-Bilaad. It is a leading clothing brand. And now we both are on one platform for your convenience. You can choose trending designs from us at a low price. 

Leyjao.pk is a leading e-commerce store in Pakistan. We provide a better connection between buyers and sellers for easy dealing. If you are a seller you can easily list your products. You can choose to sell your products at the famous online store in Pakistan. Moreover, leyjao provides customer support for all its sellers.

We have plenty of categories available on our e-commerce store including different products and much more. We provide a user-friendly platform to all our customers. So you can easily browse anything and shop for your desired products. Besides that, we also have leading brand products on our website among them is Bint-Al-Bilaad. 

Furthermore, you can get a discount on the latest design. What is more interesting than a discount? You can choose beautiful dresses at a reasonable price. So, do not miss the chance and buy your dresses now!

Bint-Al-Bilaad A Leading Brand

Bint-Al-Bilaad is famous because of its affordable and quality clothing line. They provide amazing prints and fabrics at reasonable prices. Our goal is to provide our customers with an exciting shopping experience and high-quality products. So you can easily find this exclusive Bint-Al-Bilaad brand on Leyjao.pk.

If you need stylish and comfortable clothes then Bint-Al Bilaad is the perfect brand to choose. They have a variety of traditional dresses available that will give you a beautiful look. Besides that, you can also choose different sizes because every woman has a different body shape.

Types Of Clothes On Bint-Al-Bilaad

Different types of clothes are available at Bint-Al-Bilaad. You can also choose formal clothes. Furthermore, embroidered dresses are also available. Pakistani women love to wear embroidered suits.  You can also buy frocks and shalwar kameez. Frocks are available in different cuts and styles. Women always try to wear stylish dresses.

A-line and Anarkali dresses are available at a discount. You can choose a pack of two frocks at a low price. You do not have to worry about the discounts. As this sale has been available for a long time. Furthermore, you can get these dresses with vouchers.

You can choose different fabric materials in these styles. Satin and Silk are the most famous fabrics. Furthermore, you can choose cotton and linen fabric in these designs. However, you can also buy different colors in these designs. So, choose your favorite dress now! 

Fancy Shalwar Kameez

Shalwar Kameez is a traditional Pakistani dress. Fancy dresses are widely worn in Pakistan. Because different festivals come in Pakistan. Every festival has its requirements. Women usually wear fancy dresses on Eid and weddings. These occasions will remain incomplete without beautiful dresses. You can choose fancy dresses at a low price from leyjao. Leyjao is the best platform to buy fancy dresses online.

Semi-Formal Dresses

if you have to attend a birthday party then a semi-formal dress is a perfect fit. Birthday parties are very common in Pakistan. Different types of styles are included in semi-formal dresses. You can also wear a trouser-shirt or a long maxi dress. A long maxi dress is available in different colors and prints by Bint-Al-Bilaad at Leyjao.pk.

Most Pakistani women wear black dresses at night events and birthday parties. Because black color gives them a bold and glamorous look. Women always want to look bold and beautiful in every gathering. Therefore they prefer to wear fancy black dresses at night events.

Beautiful Floral Prints

Floral prints are trending in Pakistan. These prints are available in both light and dark color combinations. You can choose designs according to your choice. Leyjao offers low prices on floral designs.

You can get embroidery suits at a low price. You can also get discounts on your favorite dresses. Choose the dress according to the event. A woman looks beautiful in every dress she wears. 

Sunflower print is common in Pakistan. Every dress is available in this print. You can find this print on Leyjao. Polkadot and geometric print is another type of print. Every print is unique from others. Besides print style also matters a lot.

How Leyjao.pk Is Helpful

You can get many benefits from Leyjao.pk. Leyjao offers low prices on dress collections. You can get a doorstep delivery service and free shipping. Leyjao has the best customer support team. If you need any support you can talk to them. 


On Leyjao, you will see beautiful colors and designs by Bint-Al-Bilaad related to every occasion. You can choose from a variety of styles according to the event you are attending. Choose exclusive and trendy outfits that match your personality and enhance your look. 

Check the most beautiful collection of ladies’ dresses in 2-piece and 3-piece Printed Premium Lawn 2 Piece ready Suit Perfect for Summer – BAB01

2 Piece ready to wear Suit Perfect for Summer - BAB04

2 Piece ready to wear Suit Perfect for Summer – BAB04

2 Piece ready to wear Suit Perfect for Summer - BAB04

and in 3-Piece you also have a great choice Organza Embroidered Stitched Luxury Formal Three Piece – BAB12

Organza Embroidered Stitched Luxury Formal Three Piece

Organza Embroidered Stitched Luxury Formal Three Piece – BAB17

Organza Embroidered Stitched Luxury Formal Three Piece

Thus Leyjao is a one-stop solution for all brands. You can check a wide variety of traditional and formal women’s dresses on Leyjao.pk. Besides that, we also offer a return and exchange policy. You can return or exchange the dress within 7 working days.

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