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Leyjao.pk Expands Online Payment Options Across Digital Shopping Experience

Leyjao. pk, one of the country’s leading online marketplaces. They are bringing enhanced methods of online payment for customers. This development comes at a time when the current climate has been impacted. By the global COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the importance of the digital economy is seen more than ever before. This pandemic has changed the way we used to live before.

Similarly, Leyjao. pk is now able to provide online shoppers with secure and multiple payment options. Customers will be able to select between debit, credit, and alternative payment methods. It includes JazzCash, and EasyPaisa as well. You can also pay through mobile apps. 

“Leyjao is very excited to be a part of this initiative. We listen to our customers. And want them to have more choices. And how they pay for their items,” said Syed Awais Gillani. Co-founder and Chairperson of Leyjao Pakistan. Furthermore, leyjao brings ease to the lives of everyone. 

He further added,”  Leyjao believes in convenience”. You can give payment through mobile wallets. You can also make payments with mobile apps. These mobile apps are safe and convenient. You do not have to worry about transferring money. Your account details will remain safe. 

However, developing this regional payment method is part of the ongoing efforts. To make shopping at Leyjao safe and easy. Thus, it makes life easier. As you can easily pay without worrying. Leyjao protects your personal information. You do not have to worry about misuse of your data.  

Leyjao is a leading e-commerce platform. We have products for everyone. You can buy all kinds of products from us. At a low price. We have special deals and discounts. You do not have to wait for the discount season. You can avail of discounts on bank accounts.


The innovations in digital payments represent an important part of Leyjao. pk’s growth. The company is constantly looking to invest in new technology. Moreover, it collaborates with industry founders to grow online spending. Similarly, it expands payment options. To meet the diverse needs of shoppers. It advances its role in the e-commerce ecosystem for secure payment. So, you can get an improved shopping experience. This experience enhances with mode of payment. 

Furthermore, simpler payment methods can generate more benefits. As they promote a smooth customer experience. Online payment options will allow customers to avail of several discounts. It gives special benefits to a network of thousands of merchants across Pakistan. Moreover, e-commerce merchants will have the ability to process secure payments across the country. You can buy products anywhere in Pakistan. You can get an exclusive discount.

Leyjao is a popular e-commerce marketplace. It has a variety of products. You can buy these products at a low price. You can buy deals from here. We offer discounts on various banks. For instance, you can get a special discount on buying from Alfalah.  

Therefore, convenience and an easy shopping experience have always been the guiding principle in the Leyjao story. Most of us already rely on e-commerce. To get things to our door. Now, shoppers have even more reasons to use Leyjao. pk for buying the latest consumer electronics and household items. It gives discounts. However, you can buy online. But it has a low price. So, buy now. And save money.

Moreover, Consumers nationwide can browse, shop, and pay online. From a wide range of payment options. The company is constantly looking to tap into the latest technologies and security solutions to power its online presence.

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