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Leyjao Returns: 8 Best Practices to Reduce Your Return Rate

Leyjao – As sellers, we often come across hurdles that at first appear impossible to handle. Even the most experienced retailers have had to deal with product returns. This not just reflects negatively on your credibility but also eat into your profits. However, we have put together 8 tips that can help bring your returns to a more manageable level.

Leyjao Returns

1.Double-check product authenticity

It is imperative that you ensure that only genuine products are being sold. Fake products will ultimately lead to returns and will also tarnish the seller’s reputation.  This can be done by:

  • Using a consistent trademark on your brand.
  • Products should only be sourced from authorized distributors and manufacturers.

2. Detailed product description

A good description limits the number of misinformed purchases. A good description is one which talks of the features of the product, key aspects like dimensions, materials used and colour options. This should be accompanied with 360-degree product photographs.

Such critical visual information allows customers to know exactly what they are getting and less likely to return the product once delivered.

3. Check product quality

There is no room for manufacturing defects. Products that are of poor quality or don’t offer value for money will be returned. You can avoid this situation by sourcing products from reliable brands and suppliers. Also, make it a point to spot check every now and then to ensure quality consistency.

4. Price it right

Set the price for your products according to its value and quality. If the price is too high, customers are more likely to switch to other sellers. And if the price is too low, it can create some suspicion regarding the quality of the product. Finding the right price point is important!

5. Prioritize your packaging

A general rule of thumb is to think of the journey your product will take and pack accordingly. Products that arrive damaged or broken is another major reason for return. Follow these simple steps while packing your product:

  • Bubble wrap fragile items.
  • Always label your products with storage instructions.
  • Use double or triple lined boxes.
  • Use adhesive tape to seal package neatly.

6. On-time shipping and delivery

Take customer deadlines seriously. It may be that the purchase is for a birthday gift so waiting isn’t an option. You must dispatch the order as soon as the order has been received.

There will be logistical concerns out of your control, but as a seller, you must play your part and dispatch orders as soon as possible.

7. Include freebies and combo items

Who doesn’t love freebies and combos! This is one way to attract customers. However, if there isn’t a combo or freebie, mention it clearly so that the customer doesn’t return the product out of disappointment.

8. Ask your customers for reviews

Work on a core process that encourages customers to leave a review of your product. You can motivate customers to do that by offering rewards, where possible. As a seller, it will help you identify products that are doing well and products that aren’t getting a good response. You can accordingly remove that product with bad reviews from your listing.

We hope these points will help you better manage your customer returns and maintain your seller reputation.

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