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Electric Insect Killer

Premium Features Of Electric Insect Killer

So are you aware of mosquito bites? And how harmful they could be for us. Mosquitoes are mostly present near stagnant water. However, mosquito bites can give you severe results such as skin rash, redness, allergy, or other symptoms including fever, flu, or headache. Due to this in 2007, Pakistan 74% of cases were reported and several deaths were witnessed. So, this was an alarming or massive destruction for Pakistan.

Furthermore, to control this disease people started to take precautions to get themselves protected by mosquitos. Along with several products many mosquito killer machine have been introduced but electric insects are considered as one of the most effective ways to kill mosquitoes. However, people tend to use mosquito sprays and coils to avoid mosquitoes but they are not as effective as Electric Insect Killer.

Best Trap For Mosquitoes Killer

Modern-day problems need modern solutions. Moreover, this electric insect killer has a luminous rod inside it which attracts flying insects towards it. When the pests started moving near to light, those electrified vertical rods quickly killed them. Thus, this is the best insect killer machine in the market till now to kill mosquitoes. However, the rod is usually waterproof, rust-free, or can not fade easily which means you can use it for long-term purposes.

Non-pollution Electric Insect Killer

Electric insect-killer machines can be the most effective way to kill mosquitoes. Otherwise, burning coils can be extremely harmful to us as we also inhale polluted air which might disturb our lungs.

Keep Pests Under Control

Furthermore, this smart invention is also effective for Bed bugs or flea bites. In this case, you can keep yourself safe from any harmful insects that might put you in danger. This is the most effective way to keep any pests under control. As we know flying insects tend to be most attractive towards lights. This device holds mosquito killer light where pests are instantly killed by its ultraviolet light.

Chemical Free

The most productive mosquito killer machine with no side effects. This Electric insect killer has especially no odor that may irritate you. However, it is chemical-free or non-allergic. It is very safe to use because it contains no harmful particulars. Moreover, no poison odor is included so it can disturb your home aura.

Safe And Easy To Use

Furthermore, this device is lightweight and has a user-friendly interface. It is very easy to carry because it has no weight. If you want to travel to an adventurous place, you can conveniently go with it to enjoy your adventurous trip. Furthermore, the device is easy to hang or place anywhere or in any corner of the house. You don’t need to make separate corners for them.

Easy To Clean

However, these portable devices are very easy to use as their metal trays are adjustable and easy to remove. You can easily clean the rods and put them back in their places.

Low Power Consumption

Furthermore, this device will be budget-friendly due to the low consumption of electricity. You can easily take it or use it anywhere else. For instance in homes, hospitals, factories, offices, or in restaurants.

Fashionable Decoration

Now you can use it as two in 1 way. You can use it as a piece for decoration. The luminous blue light gives a dreamy touch to your home. Furthermore, you can make the house spot attractive by hanging them anywhere. Its appearance looks catchy or grabs the attention of viewers.

Safety Precautions

There are some steps for safety precautions you need to keep in your head.

  1. Never even try to touch that electric rod or bulb with bare hands as it holds electricity.
  2. Try to keep this device away from gas cylinders or anything that may catch fire.
  3. Make sure that you switch off the device every time you are about to go out.
  4. Clean it a maximum times as there will be a lot of dead mosquitoes.
  5. Furthermore, you need to switch off it first whenever the need arises to clean it up or to change the electric bulb.
Different Types of Insect Killers

Everyone has its functions and types and each of them comes in different sizes.

  1. Electric Insect Killer
  2. Glu Pad
  3. Suction

If you want the right or best purchase for your home, you are exactly where you should be. Leyjao will be the best site for your perfect choices. In addition to that, this is the cheapest home appliances in pakistan. Moreover, Leyjao provides you a wide range of mini vacuum cleaner such as vacuum cleaners, mosquito cleaners, and many more. clean your home from harmful pests. This electric device serves you multiple tasks.

We assure you that you can safely use it 24/7 in your home without any harm. This is portable and most importantly this device does not require huge space to adjust. Furthermore, these ultraviolet rays are extremely harmful for pests whereas it is safe for human beings. That device needs small coverage to adjust and will cost you zero for its maintenance. You can get rid of insects in just a few minutes. This superb effective device is budget-friendly as its consumption of power is low.

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