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Rivaj UK

Sjs International & Rivaj UK

Leyjao.pk partners with Rivaj UK, one of the reliable brands in the cosmetics industry. As of right now, you may get your hands on cosmetics-related items at discounted rates than ever before. In the following lines, we will discuss Rivaj UK, its history, and the products it offers. Let’s get the basics of Rivaj UK out of the way first.

Sjs International

Sjs International is a leading cosmetics importer. This company was established in 1978. Now, it’s been 44 years of providing consumers with the best quality products. Rivaj has the best relationship with its customers. Furthermore, you can choose health care products and cosmetics with high quality. They are providing top-quality products at affordable rates.

However, SJS is the only distributor for Pakistan of the world’s seven leading cosmetics brands. Moreover, these brands include Rivaj, Flormar, Jolen, Next Net, Sovex-Perfume Body Spray, and Best Choice. All of these brands provide complete customer pleasure.

Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK is a cosmetics company owned by SJS International. It was founded in August 2008 to provide quality domestic cosmetic items to all consumers. Rivaj Cosmetics is continuously expanding its product line to keep going with the latest trends.

Rivaj HD, or High Definition Cosmetic Range, is aimed at executive-class consumers. You can choose organic products from rivaj. It has high-quality organic components. The products are available in luxury packaging. A customer who is more interested in a product than a casual consumer.

Product Categories At Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK has different categories because this company is on a mission to provide all varieties at reasonable rates in Pakistan. There are thousands of products such as Beauty Blender, Blush On, and Brow Palette available. We are going to tell you about the categories that are available at Rivaj UK. 


Rivaj UK Eyes eye care products

The best quality eye care and beauty products are available at cheaper rates. However, the best quality like mascara, eye pencils, terracotta palette, eyes shadow, eyebrow comb, gel Kajal, eyelashes, etc.

Face Accessories

Foundation Face Accessories

You can get high-end cosmetics and tools for your face, such as makeup brushes, foundation brushes, contour brushes, slope brushes, face serums, and wipes, from this brand. Furthermore, Choose your desired product from the product page. You can also choose to buy in deals.


Fragrance Rivaj UK

Rivaj UK has the nicest fragrance products. There are distinct sections for males, females, and unisex options. Whereas, this includes captivating, personal, marine, enigma, spark a flame, fairy aspire EAU, etc.

Hair Accessories

rivaj uk Hair Accessories

At Rival UK, you can get hair accessories like bleach brushes, color brushes, and hair combs that are both reasonably priced and of premium quality. You can choose the best hair accessories from Rivaj at a low price. Shop the best products now!

Skin, Hands, And Lips

 Skin, Hands, And Lips

There is a plethora of skin, hand, and lip care products available, and many of them are of a high standard. You can get all that your hands, lips, and skin needs. Serums and sunblock are the top-selling products at Rivaj UK. You can choose different shades of lipsticks from Rivaj.


Mascara rivaj

There are huge discounts on all kinds of beauty products. You can get the best makeup accessories for your lips, and eyes, like lip gloss, lipstick, and eyelashes. There is scrub and face whitening products are also available. You can choose the best organic products at low prices. So, get your makeup products now!

Personal Care

personal care rivaj

The best-selling items at Rivaj UK are its personal care items. You can get them at the lowest prices also. This page at Rivaj UK has feminine care, foot care, oral care, men’s and women’s razors, and wax.

Wrapping It Up

Sjs International and Rivaj UK are the top players in the market. Especially, when it comes to cosmetics and fragrances. No one can compete with these big players because of consumer trust, quality, and sustainability. In this piece of information, we have tried to share with you the details about Rivaj UK and its product categories.

If you are the one who wants to know more about these products and categories or want to buy any products from any category, please tell us through the contact button. If you want to buy a product, the payment method and buying procedure are entirely simple. So, avail the best discount from Rivaj now!

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