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Smart Watch Price in Pakistan

Top Affordable Smart Watch Price in Pakistan | Leyjao.pk

Pakistan is becoming a more popular place for people to buy and sell things online. During the Covid 19 pandemic, most people started to really trust online shopping. This helped the businesses a lot. Research shows that people in developing countries are more aware of prices than people in developed countries. Pakistan has the same problem. The price is the first thing people look at, and then they choose quality.

Leyjao.pk is one of the best marketplaces in Pakistan. It has products for people who care about both price and quality. This platform’s success comes from the fact that it offers quality at a reasonable price. There are a lot of high-quality products in the budget series. Brands are also coming out with the best products that cost less than a certain amount. In Pakistan, this platform has made a new type of touch watch. This is a hit because there, the prices of touch watch with all the features are not too high.

If you want to know how much the best smart watch price in Pakistan or buy one, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the smartwatch trend in Pakistan. We’ll tell you how much the best Android watch costs, list some Android smartwatches for men along with their prices, and talk about their features, specs, and designs as well.

Are you a smart watch lover?

If you like smart watches, this part of the blog is very important to you. Here, we’ll talk about some important things you should know about Android mobile watches. Most people in Pakistan who wear smart touch watches are into fitness, care about their health, or work in the fashion industry. But here, we’ll show you a list of cheap watches that both men and women can use, no matter what they do for a living. The benefits of smartwatches are not just restricted to men, smartwatches for women have features tailored to the needs of women too.

We’ll talk about the best mobile watches for men, women, and people from all walks of life. These watches can help you set up a good routine and keep track of it. They also have the best features and specs for the smart watch price in Pakistan. So, here is the list.

Top Best Affordable Smart Watch Price In Pakistan

Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 is one of the best Apple smart watch in Pakistan with low prices and excellent specs. This watch is best for fitness lovers, the people who care about their health. As this is a feature-packed watch, you can check blood pressure through a monitoring sensor, check heart beat rate, and even counts calories and steps. In addition, the watch helps you with reminders and notifications. In this price range, it is considered to be better than the smart watch series 6. This watch can also connect to your smart phone. Almost every task can be performed with the Apple watch series 4 that you perform with your mobile phone.

Apple Watch Series 4

If we talk about smart watch price in Pakistan, the price is according to the brand name, specifications, features, and other things added to the watch. The price of this watch is Rs 71000. Fitness trainers and elders with health issues are recommended this Android touch watch for their use.

Some Prominent Features And Specifications

  • The display is the most beautiful thing about this watch. It has 1.78 inches HD high-resolution display with 448*368 resolution. A sapphire crystal glass is added to the watch for protection.
  • If we talk about its storage, it has 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. This thing about the watch differentiates it from other watches on the market. It works more like a smartphone on your wrist.
  • This watch has gyro sensors, a heart rate monitoring sensor, barometers, and an accelerometer. It supports natural language directions and commands with the talking mode. No other brand is giving so much quality in each and every feature and part.
  • If we talk about the battery, Li-Ion 292 mAh (1.12 Wh) is in this watch. This is another point that adds value to the product. If you use it carefully, its battery can even last for a month. This Apple watch supports a wireless charger.
  • Apple smart watch series 4 gives the user color choice. You can buy this watch choosing your favorite color in space black, Gold, or silver.

LUNIO Smart Watch

LUNIO is another best item at leyjao.pk with tremendous features and specifications. If you are both quality and price-conscious, then you must have to go for LUNIO smart watch. This will give you the best experience of wearing an Android touch watch. The strips of this watch are made of leather. Very easy and comfortable to wear and enjoy with useful specifications.

LUNIO Smart Watch

This watch is available on leyjao.pk for approximately 7 thousand rupees with delivery charges. You can never ever think of a watch at this price giving so many useful experiences. We are also going to share with you some most prominent specifications and features of this watch.

Key Features And Specifications Of The LUNIO Smart Watch

  • LUNIO smart watch is the best smart watch if we talk about its battery, screen, performance, and display. With just 7 thousand rupees, you can avail of all of these specs and features on your wrist. The battery of this watch is 280 mAh. This can last up to 2 weeks with normal use if you charge it once.
  • If we talk about the display and screen, it has a 1.3 IPS 240*240 display. You can check notifications and reminders easily because of its LCD screen. In this price range, this screen size is not a plus.
  • The band Material used in this smart watch is of the best quality. This watch comes with a leather and silicon band.
  • The watch supports Bluetooth 4.0 or above.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch Band 7 CN Version

Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch Band 7 is available with CN Version. This is another feature-packed smart watch with the android latest version. This touch watch has more features than Xiaomi added ever. 120 Workout Modes, Including Outdoor Boating, Tennis, and more proficient workout modes to Record Your Heart Rate and Burned Calories.

Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch Band 7

If you are looking for a watch that suits your hand and can change your routine with reminders, and provides you the best ever experience with the features, then you must go for Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch Band 7. In just Rs 14000/-. You can use hundreds of useful options according to your needs.

Some Key Features Of The Xiaomi Mi Smart Watch Band 7 CN Version

  •  This watch has a 180mah battery that can last up to 14 days with a single charge. Getting advantages with the best features added to the watch, you can use it for so many days if you have charged it for 1.5 hours.
  • Mi band 7 smart watch has 1.62 inches AMOLED display. This display has a 24% larger visible area than mi smart watch band 6. New UI/UX design displays more detailed information on every page with animation effects also. You can experience a better view with a wider screen.
  • Stress tracking and female health tracking sensors are also included in the specifications of this watch. You can count calories, steps, and even heartbeats. Band 7 can help you with the best features regarding health and fitness.
  • You can check blood pressure with a blood pressure monitoring feature. You can get in touch with updates and reminders regarding health 24/7. It sends you notifications and messages to remind you accordingly.
  • The system supports Android 6.0 or above and iOS 10 or above. Bluetooth 5.2 BLE is installed in it. If we talk about sensors, 6-Axis Accelerometer and 3-Axis Gyroscope sensors are added to this watch.
  • With 128kb RAM and 128 MB ROM

I7pro Smart Watch Latest Version

The I7 pro smart watch is a touch watch we have listed as the 3rd number in the best affordable smart touch watches. This watch is one of the best options for students who want to schedule their day. Set reminders of class timings, gym, and sports. This is good for students because this is available at Rs 2500/- only. Get advantages of all the latest features and specifications of a touch watch at this price.

I7pro Smart Watch Latest Version

Some Salient Features Of The I7 Pro Smart Watch

  • The most exciting thing about this watch is its 1.54 inches LCD display with 320*320. You can enjoy and control all the things using apps installed on the watch. The quality LCD display is missing in other devices in this price range but the i7 pro has provided the customer with the best experience.
  • The other discussable specification of this watch is its 220mah battery with fast charging support. With working time, you can use this watch for almost a week with a single charge of 1.5 hours. It gives 20 days of standby time.
  • Color choice is also one of the best things about this watch. You can choose your favorite one in 5 colors. Blue, pink, black, yellow, and silver are the colors.
  • The band material used in the i7 pro touch watch is Metal +Rubber. The quality of the material is good and no one has given this quality for smart watch  under 3000.

T500 Full Touch Screen Smart Watch

T500 is another smart touch watch loved by every smart watch lover in Pakistan. This was not only because of its features, specifications, and display. The main reason behind this hit was its price. The company launched this watch in budget series. T500 smart watch price in Pakistan is only Rs 2200/-. There are so many other watches in the market in this price range but never competed with the t500 in features. We are going to tell you the things are the main things that are present in T500 in this price range.

T500 Full Touch Screen Smart Watch

Some Features to discuss T500 smart watch

  • If you are looking for a super powerful battery in the lowest budget smartwatch, then T500 is the best option for you. T500 has a 220mah battery with fast charging support. If you charge it once for just an hour, you can use it for a week at least. And its standby time is nearly about 20 days. A magnetic pin charger charges it in no time.
  • If we talk about screen and display, 5D Curved Capacitive Full Touch Screen with 1.54 inches HD IPS 240*240 2.5D Fox Surface Capacitive Full-Fit Touch Screen adds value to this watch. You will have reminders and notifications on this large screen and every page can be seen clearly because of the HD display.
  • T500 smart watch can perform different functions. Supports Bluetooth calls, takes a body temperature Test, Heart Rate, Fruit with 5 Sizes, BP & ECG Steps, 44mm Changeable Band, Smart Beehive Style Menu, IP68 Waterproof, The Nine Box Menu, and much more.
  • Push notification supports SMS, Wechat, Facebook news, emails, and other notifications reminders. A heart rate monitor gives you reports 24 hours a day.
  • Its Bluetooth version support is 3.0 or above and the system support of this watch Supports Android OS 4.4 and above & IOS 8.0 and Above.

W22+ Smart Watch Waterproof Men Smart Watch

W22+ smart watch is another waterproof option in the budget series. If you are a fitness lover and want a durable watch within your budget, then you are at the right place. Here, we are going to provide you with details about the w22+ waterproof Men smart watch for just Rs 4,096/-.

W22+ Smart Watch Waterproof

A good thing that differentiates this smartwatch under 5000 from others is the large screen. This watch has 1.75 inches High-resolution display and the display size is 44mm. This adds value to W22+ smart watch at this price.

If we talk about other options and support, we can talk about Rotating Buttons, Games, Drinking Water Reminders, Blood Oxygen, Exercise Mode (Outdoor Running, Walking, Mountaineering, Indoor Running), Heart Rate, Message Reminders, Calendar, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Calculator, Message Reminder, Call Record Sms, Push Sleep, Bluetooth Music, Monitoring, Step Counting, Remote Photo Taking, Alarm Clock, Siri, Settings, searching For Mobile Phone, Dialing, This is the most affordable watch with so many features.

Wrapping It Up

The e-commerce market in Pakistan is growing swiftly. People are more comfortable making purchases online. When it comes to virtual marketplaces, Leyjao.pk is quickly rising to the top. If we keep going in this direction, items that were formerly difficult to obtain will become commonplace. Select the item you want, and then click on it. If you select “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart,” the item will be sent to your home.

The majority of goods sold in stores may also be purchased through various internet retailers. The global audience has easy access to the product. To the customer, that product will be shipped. It’s the first major shift in how firms operate in the 21st century.

The purpose of this blog has been to inform readers about the latest smart watch trends on the market, as well as their associated costs, features, and specs. Anyone who sees a watch they like on leyjao.pk can easily purchase it. Several different smartwatches, including the LUNIO, W22+, i7pro, Xiaomi Mi Band 7, and T500 Smart Touch Watch, have been discussed. In case you are someone who is interested in learning more about watches, we invite you to ask questions and provide feedback.

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