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Style Hacks To Dress For Hot Summers in Pakistan

It is that time of the year when you have to plan your chores as per the weather and look for appropriate ways to dress for hot summers. Leaving the house during the daytime is nothing short of a marathon. We don’t enjoy the hot humid heat but rest assured these summer style hacks will keep you cool this summer.

dress for hot summers

How to dress for hot summers to stay cool

Loose-fit clothing

While the weather is hot and you are drenched in sweat, the last thing you want is to wear skin-tight garments. The ideal way to dress for hot summers is to choose relaxed, airy and loose outfits. It would be a good idea to invest in kurtas of different colours, oversized t-shirts are also perfect for summers and flowy skirts. Make sure it is a breathable fabric such as linen and cotton.

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Bright, vibrant prints

While sorting out your closet to get the right dress for hot summers, we suggest you include various bright patterns. This is particularly helpful for those who have sweaty armpits. We all know how embarrassing those marks can be. Vibrant prints act as camouflage and hide those ugly sweat stains. Although using a deodorant is a must during the hot weather. But some people sweat more than usual so this style hack will save you the awkwardness, and make you look awesome and chic.

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Opt for lighter colours

Lighter colours such as pastels and whites give a sense of coolness. Also, we have heard that dark colours like black tend to absorb more heat which is why it is best to steer clear of them.

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Choose straw hats

A must-have accessory when dressing for hot summers is a hat. The head is most likely to get exposed to the heat and sun rays. When choosing hats make sure it is made of straw as they allow heat to dissipate and protect from the sun.

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Tie up your hair

One of the ways to stay cool is to keep your hair off your neck. Try funky hairstyles with braids. You might also consider chopping off your hair and going for a shorter length. Shorter hair is easier to manage and will add a new look to your personality. Hair scarves are another accessory to keep in hand as it will enhance your style and protect from the sun.

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Open sandals

Choose footwear that is open and comfortable so it doesn’t trap heat and make your feet sweaty. Check out leyjao.pk for smart summer sandals at an affordable price range.

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