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Best Gaming Consoles

The Best Gaming Consoles for Every Budget in 2021

Looking for the best gaming consoles without breaking the bank? Video game fans can now relish a global mega-industry of entertainment. Whether you are looking for spooky mysteries, mind-boggling puzzles or an action-packed genre, there is a game out there for you.

The Best Gaming Consoles for Every Budget in 2021

Gamers have the option to play on a PC, smartphone or one of the best gaming consoles. Read on as we will talk you through consoles and help you make an informed decision about which one is the right for you.

Best Gaming Consoles To Buy Now

Nintendo Switch

If you are looking for something fun, enjoyable and accessible then this is a good place to start. It doesn’t have cutting edge graphics or powerful processors but it has been arguably the best gaming consoles of 2020.

The Best Gaming Consoles for Every Budget in 2021

It is a half-inch thick, comfortable to hold, 6.2-inch screen with control buttons makes it ideal for gaming on the go. Moreover, it comes with a kickstand on the back and the Joy-Con controllers on the sides. These can be detached and used separately which allows two players to play at once. Super MarioPokémonThe Legend Of Zelda and Animal Crossing are just a few of the critically acclaimed series which are exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo Switch Lite

This handheld console unlike the standard version has no dock and can’t connect to the TV. The screen is 5.5 inches, a bit smaller than the standard version. The Joy-Con controllers are also fused to the console, so you can’t slide them off and hand one to a friend for multi-player.

The Best Gaming Consoles for Every Budget in 2021

Other than that, it can play all the games with the same graphics and processing power. The battery is roughly the same too. This will make for the best gaming consoles for families with younger children who may be too young to handle expensive gadgets or as a second option for multiple gamers in the family.

Sony PS4 500GB Slim

This is a lighter and slimmer gaming console having a 500 GB hard drive for all the fantastic games, music, TV and more. If you are a video game lover looking for incredible games then this is the right choice. You will have exclusive games available from critically acclaimed indies to award-winning AAA hits. Endless entertainment is what you get from this best gaming consoles of 2021.

The Best Gaming Consoles for Every Budget in 2021


Xbox 360 Slim 250GB

The new Xbox 360 is a leaner machine with a black-gloss finish. It is built-in with Wi-Fi for a seamless connection to the world of entertainment. This is arguably the best gaming consoles that give you HD movies, TV streaming in an instant. You get controller-free experiences of Kinect that is easy to use and instantly fun. It comes with a huge hard drive that has plenty of space to store your favourite movies and games.

The Best Gaming Consoles for Every Budget in 2021

Why prefer the best gaming consoles over a PC 

You can play games on your desktop computer but there are several benefits of buying consoles:

  • No compatibility issues while gaming.
  • Easy to attach with television or stereo.
  • No need to spend hours installing the game.
  • It will not take hours to load which is less time-consuming.
  • More than one player may not be able to play on a traditional computer system.
  • Enjoy all your favourite games.

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