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hair care tips

Tips to Keep Hair Moisturized Naturally

Dry hair is a common problem that can happen regardless of the season. When it is summers, we tend to blame it on the heat and during winters, we often think it is the cold weather that has stripped the hair’s moisture.

For some people, the problem can be genetic, but most of the time it is led by unwanted stress, improper use of hair styling tools and too much use of chemicals. Since this is a pressing problem faced by the majority, we decided to share tips to keep hair moisturized.

  • Dry Hair Shampoo

Buy a shampoo that is designed for dry hair type. Often times we ignore what the shampoo targets which results in not getting the desired outcome. If you have an oily scalp, so you don’t want to buy a shampoo that contains extra moisture.

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Tips to Keep Hair Moisturized at Home

  • Skip the daily shampoo

You grew up being told that it is a good idea to take a shower every day but what they forgot to tell you was to skip shampooing so as to give your scalp’s natural oil a chance to replenish your dry hair.  If your hair becomes flat or your scalp gets too oily, try applying a dry shampoo on your roots to refresh and absorb excess oil.

  • Keep hair protected 

Just as we take care of our skin by using sunscreen before going out, the same amount of attention should be given to the hair. Make sure to use a scarf or a hat when the sun is at its peak.

  • Say no to chemicals

Haircolor and highlights–as well as relaxers, perms and chemical smoothers–can all cause healthy hair to become dry hair. Consider Ammonia-free Hair Color: Talk to your stylist about your hair colour options, ammonia-free permanent and demi-permanent formulas, for example, are gentler and better for dry hair.

  • Deep conditioning

Hair oiling is highly recommended for treating dry hair. You can slightly warm the oil and massage it onto hair roots and the scalp for deep penetration. Similarly, leave-in conditioners can be left overnight, and you will wake up to healthy-looking locks.

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Tips to Keep Hair Moisturized at Home

  • Bad brushing

Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Wet hair is delicate, vulnerable and can easily be torn or broken with the bristles of a hairbrush. Use a wide-tooth comb and trim your hair regularly. All these tips will help to keep your hair in a healthy condition.

  • Thermal Abuse is bad for hair

Consider using ionic thermal tools from Remington. The makers of these types of products explain that positive and negative ions exist in all substances, and when wet, hair is positively charged. Ionic hair dryers inject the hair with negative ions, allowing water molecules to penetrate deep into the hair. As a result, dry hair is rehydrated.

We hope you find this article useful and by following these easy guidelines, you can keep your hair moisturized, silky smooth and beautiful. Check out this space for more hair care tips.


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