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Top 10 Smart Watches in Pakistan

Top 10 Smart Watches In Pakistan With Price | Leyjao.pk

Top 10 Smart Watches In Pakistan With Price is the top-selling and top-trending product these days. A smart watch includes many features and specifications. These features were only present in smartphones only. Watches have evolved throughout time. If we look at the rapid growth in sales, the touch watch is the only product that is on the top, especially in Pakistan. Leyjao is an online marketplace that offers the best and trending smart watches in Pakistan at discounted rates. If you want to buy, click on the link given in this blog.

There are two segments of society that buy smart watches. One is the people who buy smart watches looking at the quality and the required things in a touch watch, and others who always look for the lowest price. And there are some people who look for both. If you’re price-conscious, you’re in the right place.

At Leyjao, you’ll find the best ever smartwatches with feature-rich specifications, good displays, long-lasting batteries, and huge screens.

At leyjao.pk, we have made categories for you price-wise, quality-wise, and brand-wise. You can search by typing the best smart watches in Pakistan under 10000, 5000, 3000, and 2000. With a smartwatch under 5000, you can experience the benefits of having a smartwatch at an affordable price.

You can just go and write your budget, it will show you the list according to your budget. Below, we are covering the top 10 Smart Watches in Pakistan at the best prices that are the best in features, specifications, price, design, and durability.

Top Best Smart Watches in Pakistan

M5 Smart Watch Band 7

Smart watch band 7 is the latest smart watch. This watch has the features, specifications, display, design, and especially workout modes that are considered to be a plus in this watch. If you are one who do Workout at the gym on a daily b basis, or a fitness lover, climber, or sportsperson, then this watch is the only option for you in this price range. The watch has more than 120 workout modes include, including outdoor boating, Tennis, and more professional workout modes to record your heart rate and burned calories providing professional workout analysis.M5 Smart Watch Band 7

If you are one who do Workout at the gym on a daily b basis, or a fitness lover, climber, or sportsperson, then this watch is the only option for you in this price range. The watch has more than 120 workout modes include, including outdoor boating, Tennis, and more professional workout modes to record your heart rate and burned calories providing professional workout analysis.

Along with workout modes, this watch has a beautiful 1.62 inches AMOLED Screen, a 24% larger visible area than Mi Smart Band 6. This new UI/UX design and display show more detailed information in notifications and other pages. The watch is best for men and women both. If we talk about some other features, the Mi Smart Band 7 has a 180mah powerful battery that can last up to 14 days with a single charge. You can charge it in 2 hours only.

T500 Smart Watch 

Pakistan’s best-selling smartwatch at the lowest price is T500. Smartwatch under Rs 3000, no other brand has ever offered so many features. If you live in Pakistan and like smart watches and are looking for one with as many features as possible at a low price, you should get the T500 smart watch. In this description of this watch, we’ll talk about its features, specifications, and added options.

T500 Smart Watch

The 1.54-inch screen on the T500 watch has a high-resolution display. The screen, made of silicon, boasts great quality. When people look at the features and the price, they fall in love with this watch. The best touch watches also know what time it is. It will show you reminders and alerts. You can also check messages, and receive calls, app notifications, and calendar events. This watch has a lot of features that can help you plan your day, get notifications, and remind you of things.

The powerful 220mah battery in the T500 smart watch charges quickly. You can use the watch for up to a week without charging it again. The battery is always the reason why smart watches are popular. When people travel, they can’t charge their smart watches every day. The Bluetooth calling feature on the T500 is very good. The speed of Bluetooth connections is very fast. You can connect your phone and watch in a second so you can get calls or play music.

Haylou Rt Solar Ls05S Solar2

Haylou RT Smart Watch Model LS05S is another smart watch with excellent features and specifications in this price range. If you are the one who is looking for a watch under 10000 with the best sensors for fitness tracking and health monitoring, then you are exactly at the right place. This watch is available on leyjao.pk with a discount.Haylou Rt Ls05S Smart Watch

The best thing about this watch is the Haylou Fun app and a feature that supports so many languages like German, English, Spanish, Korean, Turkish, Chinese, and Russian. This is the reason behind the success of this watch. If we talk about its battery, it has a huge 275mah battery that can last up to 14 hours with a full charge and you can charge it for only 2 hours. This watch supports a fast charger.

If we talk about the screen size, this watch has a 1.28 inches TFT color screen with dimensions of 240*240. With this price range, you can avail of a large screen of 1.75 inches but not the quality that Haulou RT has. The material used to create this watch is of excellent quality. This watch was essentially created as a tracker. The watch supports Android 6 or above or iOS 11 or above. The material used to make the strip is silicone.

Sports Smart Watch

Sports smart watch is another option for people who are sports lovers and of fitness conscious mindset. It works as a heart rate detector, blood pressure monitor, and blood Oxygen Monitor. There is a feature that records and analyses your sleep status objectively. Counts calories, heartbeats, and even your steps with extremely powerful sensors. This thing differentiates sports touch watches from other watches as far as sports and fitness are concerned.Sports Smart WatchIf we talk about the battery, the sports smart watch comes with a good battery with up to a month of standby time, and if your charge it for one and a half hours, you can use it for a week without worrying about charging. Along with this, a beautiful round shape design and the best quality material is other plus for this watch. With the help of this watch, you can get notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, and SMS.

This watch is equipped with top 10 Smart Watches in Pakistan notch trackers, sensors, and monitors. You can monitor your heartbeat, blood pressure, and oxygen level. You can count steps, heartbeats, and calories. The watch is best for sports and fitness. You can set reminders and get notifications. You can easily get it from leyjao.

Series 6 Smart Watch

The Series 6 smart watch is the greatest Android watch in Pakistan in terms of the price range, and it comes with the most features and specifications possible. This is a watch designed specifically for athletes, complete with specialized modes and functions.  An additional benefit for consumers is a massive 1.75-inch LCD IPS panel that also has a TFT screen. Silicon is the primary component utilized in the band’s construction. Because of this, it is long-lasting and ideal for use on sports grounds.

Series 6 Smart Watch

Along with all of these features, the Series 6 Smart Watch has a powerful battery with a 200 mah capacity and an excellent standby time of about 65 days. It also supports a magnetic charger, and if you charge it once for one and a half hours, you will be able to use it for 10 days despite having this enormous LCD screen because it uses less energy. The series 6 smart watch is your best option if all you want is a watch that is packed with features while being in a more affordable series. If this describes you, then you should look no further.

A Fitness Watch Hw21 Waterproof

The Hw21 Ip68 is the best choice for people who care about their health and fitness. The watch has every fitness-related feature that a person who works out a lot could want. The battery is an important part of this product. The Hw21’s battery is strong and can hold 200 mah. Using the magnetic charging cord for just one hour can give you up to 67 days of use from a single charge. The IP68 rating means that this is both dustproof and waterproof. The Hw21 has a 1.28-inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 by 240 pixels.

Fitness Watch Hw21

This watch is made from metal, ABS, and rubber. Compared to other watches at this price, this one is made with better materials and is better made overall. The watch has a PPG Bio Heart Rate sensor and a G-Sensor. When it comes to quality, features, and specs, no brand comes close to matching this one at this price point. The watch has all of the features that a smart watch of today should have.

Mt8 Ultra Bluetooth Smart Watch

The Mt8 Ultra Bluetooth Smart Watch was made specifically for athletes. This is a specialized watch with more settings for sports. It has sports modes recognition for multiple activities like walking, running, cycling, treadmills, football, yoga, and so on. In addition to all of that, this watch has a 2-inch screen that makes a great display for showing alerts. The Mt8 smart watch is buyable for only Rs 9,500 in Pakistan.

Mt8 Ultra Smart Watch | Apple Watch

This watch also has the benefit of being usable as a sleep tracker. It also checks your heart rate in real-time 24 hours a day. It keeps track of your deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time from the time you go to bed until the time you wake up the next day. This lets you get a complete picture of how good your sleep is. The strap of this watch is made of high-quality material. Strips are made with the help of silicon. This watch is perfect for a sports fan because of its modes, functions, battery, and screen size.

Hw13 Smart Watch Series 6

About a year ago, a new submersible version of the Hw13 series 6 was released. This  Smartwatches for women is a perfect addition as an accessory and appeals to women of all ages. The whole screen, which is 320 pixels wide and 320 pixels deep, might be the best thing about this watch. The company Dollarsmart made this watch. The band and face of this watch from the budget series are made of high-quality materials. In addition, the latest version of the Hw13 series 6 smart watch has a square shape and a stunning high-definition high-resolution display. Smart watches with these parts sell for ridiculous amounts of money, but you can get a series 6 touch watch for only Rs 3,795.00.H13 Series Smart WatchThis watch is part of the company’s budget line, so it doesn’t have any special features or details. One of the good things about this watch is that it comes in a few different colors. You have the choice of black, blue, white, or pink. Either a man or a woman would look great wearing this watch. The Hw13 series 6 touch watch is compatible with Android versions 5.0 and up as well as iOS versions 9.0 and above. This watch can withstand water up to fifty meters deep! Because of this, its IP68 water resistance is better than what other products on the market have. You can wear it with confidence even if it’s snowing, raining, sprinkling, you’re taking a shower, or splashing around in the water.

IWO N76 Smart Watch Series 7

The IWO N76 smart watch series 7 is an advanced touch watch that comes with a variety of apps already installed as well as additional apps that can be downloaded. This watch can support more than 15 app languages, including a variety of others in addition to English, Hindi, and Urdu. The number of watch languages exceeds ten. Acceleration and heart rate sensors are also incorporated into the design. The battery of this watch is another incredible feature of this timepiece. It just takes an hour to fully charge. But after that’s done, you may use it for 20 days while it’s in standby mode, and you can go weeks without needing to charge it. You can get smartwatches for men and try out their features for yourself. This watch is purchasable for the price of Rs 4699/-.IWO N76 Smart Watch Series 7If you are looking for a watch at the lowest and most discounted price, then leyjao.pk is the place for you to buy. This platform provides the best quality watches that fulfill your needs and suit your budget.

Mc72 Pro Series 6 Smart Watch

The mc72 pro series 6 smart watch is the updated version of the mc72 series 6. This watch comes with some extra features and specifications. This watch has a 1.75 inches screen and HD IPS display with 320*385 full screen. This large screen and beautiful display let you get top 10 Smart Watches in Pakistan and read notifications easily. This watch also has some features for fitness lovers, patients, travelers, students, employees, and hill climbers.

MC72 Pro Smart WatchThis watch is loved by every traveler because its 280 mah large battery can last for a week with a single full charge. It takes just an hour and a half for a full charge. A magnetic charger charges this smart watch in no time. No matter which field you belong to. This watch can be useful for you and fulfill all your needs. A Mediate processor is a huge plus in this watch that is not present in other watches of this price range.

Wrapping it Up

Searching for your desired smart watch is a tedious task for everyone. You will never come to a decision when you search on different platforms. An array of smartwatches, each offering the best features for their price range, is available only on Leyjao. All the watches are of low and discounted price. Leyjao.pk provides full customer support. Leyjao delivers products to Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar, and Multan.

In this blog, we have provided information regarding smartwatches in the market and listed them at leyjao as well. If you want to know more about these watches, feel free to comment below. To complete your purchase and have a smartwatch delivered to you, click on “buy now” if you’re interested.

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