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Vibrant Garden Ideas For Small Spaces

Vibrant Garden Ideas – Flowers and plants add so much beauty to any space whether big or small. Gardening is extremely relaxing and therapeutic. But you don’t have to have only a large outdoor space to be able to enjoy gardening. You can revitalize any small yard or patio with easy space-saving gardening ideas. Read on to discover our small yet creative garden ideas that anyone can try.

Add new steps and ledges

Adding different levels to a small garden can spruce up the entire look. You can create a raised lawn and a deep-set terrace area. Adding steps and ledges opens up new space where either you can put plant pots or arrange a sitting area for guests. All these ideas can be done without spending a fortune.

vibrant garden ideas

Get creative with shelves

Contrary to popular belief but hooks and shelves aren’t just for inside. You can utilize an existing wall and build shelves on it. This can be decorated by placing plant pots and lanterns. Similarly, it can also be used for hanging outdoor lighting.

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Think of a vertical garden

Vertical garden works best in small outdoor spaces. Vertical wall space can become a decorative living wall by simply adding horizontal fence panels. You can easily incorporate this idea on the side of a balcony. Beautify this space by adding smaller plant pots and baskets.

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Invest in a small dining table

Dinner plans are best enjoyed in a garden under the starry sky. Limited space shouldn’t stop you from cancelling those cosy dinner plans. There are many half-sized dining set available that can slot neatly against a wall.

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Get creative with an outdoor rug

A splash of color is just what you need to define a seating and dining area. This will also help to create an illusion of a garden layout. Come up with ideas to arrange furniture around it.

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Paint backdrop

You can create the illusion of extra space by adding two-tone block color treatment. There are many vibrant colors to play with but a dark color will create a statement effect and also compliment nicely with the green plants.

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Invest in oversized floor cushions

Floor cushions are easier to manage than garden chairs and will also occupy less space. When you don’t need them simply pile one on top of another.

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Incorporate a multifunctional shed

There can be multiple ways of using the shed in your small space. In winters you can use the shed to house garden furniture. In summers it can transform into a space for garden parties.

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