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Best Portable Power Bank – What to Look For When Buying?

The use of smartphones and tablets is increasing every year so the power bank’s. But the multi-purpose usage comes at the cost of considerable battery drain. Spending hours waiting for the phone to get charged doesn’t seem a wise option. So to combat this situation, people prefer to carry an external battery pack also known as a portable power bank.

There are various types of power banks in the market but which one is suitable for your gadget. Read on to learn important factors to consider when buying a portable power bank.

Factors you need to know before buying a Power bank

Battery Capacity

The most important specification is the power or capacity of the power bank. This is measured in mAh. Getting maximum mAh would be a lucrative purchase.

The first thing you must do is to check the capacity of your phone’s battery. If you don’t want to open your phone, simply look up the specification list of the device found on the Internet.

Let’s say your phone has a 2000 mAh battery, so you should look for a battery pack with a higher capacity than 2000 mAh. This way you will be able to recharge your device multiple times.

Battery Type

Choose a power bank from a credible manufacturer. This way you can be certain about the quality of the battery used, and not have to face problems such as overcharging or excessive heating.

You will find a variety in terms of prices. Lithium-Polymer batteries are expensive than the Lithium-Ion ones but a poor quality battery can be dangerous, even explode in some cases. Hence, we recommend you choose safety over price.

Number of Ports

There are power banks that come with additional ports. This is beneficial if you want to charge multiple devices at one time. But obviously, those will be pricey. Bear in mind the total output current of the battery pack when buying a device with additional ports.

Size of the power bank

When choosing a power bank make sure it is something that you can conveniently carry around. If you end up buying a bulky device, it will be difficult for you to take it around in general.

The size depends upon the battery capacity so if you think the power bank is too big then check with the right buyer. They will guide you to buy an alternative that is the right feature, quality, capacity and size. Above all the price.

However, do bear in mind that the bigger the capacity, the more expensive the power bank. Also, if you happen to find capacity, a quarter the size of other battery packs then its most likely being exaggerated.

You can find a range of power banks at affordable prices at Leyjao.pk. They offer original products, great designs, fast shipping and fantastic after-sales service.

These are the key points that you must keep in mind when making the purchase. We hope this article will help you to make the right choice keeping reliability, quality, safety and price intact.

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