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What Your Lipstick Color Says about Your Personality

Every woman chooses a certain lipstick colour that she likes to wear day or night. Whether it is shades of brown, pinks and peaches or bold red, there is a secret that the lips are spilling. The experts have decoded your choice of lipstick and what it says about you. So let’s discover those.


What Lipstick Color Say About You


Bright Pink

If you like to wear hot pink it shows you are fun, energetic, outgoing. You are bubbly and the life of the party. You love spending time with your girl gang and are always on the lookout for new trends and happenings in the fashion world. 

lipstick color


Brown and Plums

In one word you are unique. This shade isn’t easy to pull off and you know that very well. It is for women who stand out from the crowd and are not shy of staying in the spotlight. This deep and moody shade shows you are a risk-taker and love challenges. 


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Fans of red lipstick colour are passionate and ambitious. A striking red shade of lip shows that you are confident and self-assured. Such women are go-getters and comfortable having all eyes on them. If you love to sport this colour it shows you speak your mind and are an unstoppable force of nature. 


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 No lipstick

If you choose to keep it natural or simply toss on a chapstick, it shows you are a pragmatic person not to be messed with. These ladies are confident in their skin and a leader rather than a follower. 


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Nude lipstick colour

Women who opt for the nude colour have a soft side to them. Just like the colour, they are warm and caring. If you choose this colour as your go-to lipstick colours it shows that you are effortless in rocking any styles. 


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If you gravitate towards this lipstick colour, it shows you are energetic, fun, adventurous and carefree. Just like the colour, you brighten up everyone’s mood, including yours too. You can’t help being optimistic and spread positivity everywhere that you go. 


Sunrise at Maldives

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