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Pajama Set – Why You Should Choose the Right Pair

Pajama Set – When it comes to buying night dress for women, we don’t give it much thought. Selecting pajama set seem like getting just another thing off of your list and you are good to go. But the truth is, a good sleepwear will greatly influence your sleeping pattern. You must meticulously look for a night suit that is easy, functional yet chic. After all, you will be posting many pictures for the GRAM! Read on to discover the factors that one must keep in mind when making the right purchase.

How to Select Pajama Set for Women

Having sleeping problems? It would help to pay close attention to your night dress. Below are some things to consider when making the purchase and we will tell you why each factor will matter.


pajama set for women
After a tiring day at work, the last thing you want is constantly tossing and turning in bed. One reason for that may be because you had a cup of coffee right before hitting the sack or it’s the annoying collars and elastic of the dress. To avoid this problem, buy night dress without buttons. Instead of collars, a round neck will be a better choice and add comfort to your sleep. Elastic can be too tight or loose, either way you will be troubled. Choose a pajama set with drawstrings to tie the pants.

Night Dress Fabric

When buying pajama set for women you will come across different materials such as cotton, silk and flannel. Selecting the right fabric depends upon the season and your lifestyle. Cotton is a common choice as it is lightweight and breathable. But it isn’t a great choice for winters as this fabric does not insulate heat very well. Flannel, on the other hand is warm but not quite practical due to its heavy composition.
The most popular choice amongst the ladies is silk. It is suitable for both cool and warm climates. The stain material has richness to it and glides on the skin giving that soft feel. Leyjao.pk has a good selection of sleepwear for both men and women.


When buying online, make sure you have checked the measurements before purchasing pajama set for women. Some brands offer styles that are free size but ensure that it complements your body type. Since these dresses should be comfortable to wear so we suggest you opt for ones that aren’t body hugging. The good thing about silk fabric is that it has a good drape and can fit any silhouette.

Sleepwear Style

Who says sleepwear has to be boring? With so many fashionable patterns and prints, night dress for women can reflect your personality in different ways. If you are looking for a sophisticated look then choose the solid-toned coordinates. Or relish the burst of colours and patterns in fun geometric shapes for a youthful twist. Go for vibrant colors in good fabric so you can wear it outside too. Contrary to what people say, sleepwear shouldn’t have to be the most worn-out dress in your wardrobe.


Clothes that become worn out either are used as dusting cloth or turned into nightwear. We, however, don’t think that should be the case. Invest in good lounge wear that doesn’t go out of style or becomes shabby too soon. Mostly it happens when you choose synthetic materials where the thread usually frays. At leyjao.pk every sleepwear is checked to perfection. With this, you can enjoy your purchase for as long as you want.


You want to buy night dress which is easy to wash. If you want to avoid the hassle of handling delicate materials such as silk and satin then regular fabrics should be your go to options. You can easily machine wash them but silk will require hand-wash so you should choose wisely. Many people avoid buying high-quality pieces due to the special instructions that have to be followed. The amount of time you give will add to its overall longevity.

The right pair of pyjamas is a true luxury for every woman. Paying attention to these details will lead you to the best choices in terms of fabric, style, and fit. There’s no money that will amount getting a good sleep and, much better, good mornings. With a comfy pair of pyjamas, you’ll wake up feeling refreshed and refined as you charge into the day.

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