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Women Fashion Trend for EID 2023

Women Fashion Trend for EID 2023

EID is one of the festivals that Muslim women around the globe celebrate with great zeal and zest. It is the time when women dress up in their traditional dresses and celebrate this occasion that is deeply rooted in their faith. For women, fashion is an integral part of their EID celebrations. In this blog, we will talk about the latest trends for women’s EID dress-up this year.

For Muslim Women, EID is a time to celebrate their faith and embrace their style. In Pakistan, Muslim women prefer traditional dresses such as Shalwar Kameez, long Kurtas, and frocks that showcase their personal preferences. But with the changing times, we can witness a shift in fashion trends among women. There are certain types of womens clothing immensely popular among Muslim women that highlight the shift to unconventional delicate materials.

Muslims love to prepare for EID festivities as they anticipate the EID gatherings and dinners. Save yourself from the hustle of visiting markets in this scorching heat and place orders for your EID dresses online from Leyjao.pk


Perfectly Styled Hijab

The hijab is the most decent part of women fashion that elevates a woman’s look. If a woman wants to look more pretty she always wears a hijab along with her dress. The hijab is not only a simple scarf it is available in a variety of styles, colors, fabrics, and much more. You can choose according to the style and color of your dress.

A perfectly styled hijab always complements your style and beautiful attire. Besides that, you can also buy hijab accessories from Leyjao at cheap rates. The hijab accessories usually include stylish pins to pin up the hijab. Eid is always a formal occasion so everything you choose to wear must be formal. Formal hijabs always elevate your look. 

On our website, you will see trendy designs in women’s fashion to enhance your look on this beautiful day. Check the entire list and make an appropriate purchase to style yourself differently.

Styles that will enhance your EID Look

Pakistani women love to adorn themselves in traditional shalwar Kameez. Kurta Pajama is another equally loved style favored by Muslim women. Frock style has evolved over the years and now we can find several styles of frocks in the market that are popular among women. The recent trends are quite an experimentation of fusion of traditional styles on unconventional materials but we cannot deny that they look breathtaking.

Colors for EID 2023

Viva Magenta is the Pantone color for 2023 and how can we not include this beautiful shade in our EID fashion? The other colors that never go out of fashion for EID include brown, pale white moon, and yellow lantern shades. Black color tops the chart as we talk about the most favorable colors for EID. Women also love the shades of pink and purple and we have seen a trend shift to varied color palettes unlike merely traditional colors recently.

What materials do women prefer for EID?

Recent trends show that women are trying out different clothing materials, with delicate details for their EID dresses. Organza has been seen as loved by women when it comes to festivity dressing. Jacquard never goes out of fashion, as it entails beautiful pattern details woven on this fabric which adds to the grace. Viscose is a fabric loved by elegant ladies because of its drape that gives a luxurious look. Lawn on the other hand appeals to a lot of women in summer as it is a soft and breathable fabric, with embroidery details on it it becomes a good addition to the EID wardrobe.


With EID approaching, women are spending their time planning their EID outfits. Leyjao.pk offers home delivery of branded dresses specially designed for this EID so you may not waste your time in markets and have a good shopping experience from the comfort of your home. Leyjao.pk features branded dress collection from Bint ul Bilaad and Needleast that will make heads turn around for you. The size charts are carefully crafted by the leyjao.pk team to ensure you get your perfect fit this EID.

Concluding Words

To sum up, Eid is a day when women can showcase their style in different ways. It is that time of the year when women dress up and shower happiness on one another. So, you must look perfect and beautiful. But this can only be possible when you style yourself according to your personality. 

You can choose stylish hijabs, delicate jewelry, amazing prints, vibrant colors, and much more. All these things make you beautiful and elevate your personality. So you have multiple options available to style yourself differently. Choose the perfect one and enjoy this Eid with amazing fashion sense. 


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