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Shalwar Kameez

Choose A Best Ladies Shalwar Kameez Design With Different Footwear

There are different types of shalwar kameez designs ladies wear in different parts of South Asia. A ladies’ shalwar suit comprises a shalwar that is tied either with elastic or a drawstring. A kameez is a long Tunic to the knees with a dupatta or chunni. Furthermore, it is different in regions across South Asia. Moreover, It is one of the most popular ethnic dresses in this region. Women across the region love and own this dress proudly part of their culture. You can wear it with different footwear around the region. Every region has its own set of footwear trends.

How do Shalwar kameez design ladies wear change from culture to culture?

However, the exact origin and date of the shalwar kameez is not available. It comes in the subcontinent under the Mughal dynasty (1526-1857). However, in the modern age, the shalwar connects with the Persian culture and the kameez comes from Arabic origin. Different shalwar kameez designs for ladies evolve with the culture and religion. The Patiala salwar suit has its origin northern region state in India. The king of Patiala used to wear this as a majestic dress. Later on, it transformed into different cuts and became women’s shalwar kameez dress.

Types of Women shalwar kameez dresses

The girl’s shalwar kameez is popular in different regions.  It includes Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and many more Muslim countries. Specifically, the ladies’ salwar kameez is the national dress of women and men in Pakistan. This is a modest dress that changes for every region. Muslim women love to wear shalwar kameez as it covers the whole body.  Whereas some modern modifications in these outfits make it acceptable in the whole region. Let us discuss some different kameez shalwar ladies wear with footwear.

Patiala shalwar suit and its footwear

Patiala shalwar suits are worn with Punjabi jutti. This attire is mostly popular among women on both sides of Punjab. Women Wear Different styles of footwear like kurtis for women. You can also wear the Punjabi jutti with this dress. It is a type of flat shoe with leather substitutes or leather. It has different designs embroidered on it which makes it more elegant to wear. Further, it also has various colors that go well with your ladies’ salwar kameez design suit.

Kolhapuri juttis add grace to your designer salwar kameez suit

As the name suggests this footwear comes from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. These are simple flat shoes just like Punjabi jutti but their front shape is slightly different. These are dyed in different vivid and bright colors. It gives a better look with a stylish shalwar kameez. Women in Pakistan love to wear Kohlapuri sandals with their shalwar kameez designs ladies’ suits. Moreover, You can wear these sandals are also worn withdesigner maxi and an Anarkali salwar suit.

Slip-on sandals are the comfiest footwear with shalwar kameez

The women’s shalwar kameez is a common dress for women in the subcontinent. Moreover, there is no doubt that slip-on sandals are the comfiest footwear with shalwar kameez designs ladies wear. Many women in Pakistan wear simple shalwar kameez design ladies with prints and embroidery shirts. This is called Lawn Shalwar Kameez for women. Moreover, Pakistani women like to wear loose lawn female shalwar kameez designed to feel relaxed and comfortable in the summer season. Slip-on sandals are perfect to wear in the summer season.

Block and pencil heels give you a silhouette look


Heels are worn on special occasions to give your stylish salwar suit a special look. For example, you can wear your black shalwar kameez for ladies with block heels at the Eid Milan party. Usually, on the day of Eid women love wearing their ethnic dresses. Furthermore, in Pakistan women’s salwar kameez is one of the popular ethnic dresses for Eid day. On this day, you dress to amuse yourself. Wearing a traditional women’s shalwar kameez will make you adore yourself. Whereas, you can easily buy the latest shalwar kameez design in 2023 from a women’s fashion store online or in an online marketplace.


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