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Tame the beast beard

Grizzly Beard – Five Best Ways to Tame It

Are you fretting over that dry, wiry mess of a beard? Men must also spend time on their personal grooming as much as women. For instance, a dry, frizzy beard not only gives a bad appearance but can also be itchy and irritating.

grizzly beard

Moreover, If you are experiencing a similar condition, help is on the way. So, We are going to share with you simple tips and tricks to tame your wiry beard and get you on track.

5 easy ways to tame a frizzy beard

Apply beard oil regularly

This is the most basic tip that one should make a part of their everyday routine. As the skin has to be moisturized to keep it supple and hydrated, the same applies to your beard hair. After all, it is a part of your face so you must also moisturize it on a daily basis.

However, we suggest that you use beard oil for the same from Leyjao.pk. Furthermore, It becomes even mandatory when you are spending too much time on the field or live in a cold climate. Moreover, there are plenty of good beard oils that use essential oils and are perfect for hydrating and conditioning facial hair. However, what we love about beard oils is also the fantastic smell which will make you a ladies’ man for sure! So give it a try today and enjoy a fuller, thicker and well-groomed beard.

Beard Moisturizing

Take care of your skin

When the beard gets longer, the skin problems on the face are most likely to get ignored. This is a mistake which we suggest you should address immediately. Similarly, when you keep the skin hydrated by applying good quality beard oil regularly, it will help to keep most problems at bay.

However, we also recommend that you exfoliate your skin twice a week. You must focus on the depth of your beard by using charcoal or sea salt scrubs. Finish this step off with the right balm or condition.

ST. Ives Scrub & Mask


Avoid products that over-dry your beard

Keep clear of all those products laden with chemicals as they are most likely to dry your skin. Many people make the mistake of using shampoo on their beards.

Remember that shampoo is designed for your head hair. However, your face needs something gentle and natural. When heading out to a store, look for a cleanser that will not strip away natural oil on your skin.

Ponds Men Acne Clear


Give it a trim

The best way to maintain those luscious locks is by getting a trim weekly or bi-weekly. By doing so you will have faster and healthier hair growth.

Plus when you get a regular trim, it eliminates all the split ends. Try it out today and you will see how much difference it makes.

Philips Beard Trimmer

Eat Healthily

It goes without saying but when you start eating fresh fruits, good nutrients, taking vitamins, exercising, and cutting out smoking from your life, an obvious change will come about in your skin and hair. Basically, it is all about promoting healthy living and nothing so complicated!

These are simple ways that you can incorporate into your routine to maintain facial hair. Watch this space for more useful tips.

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