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How Muslim Women Adopt Different Abaya Online Styles

We live in the modern era. So we have modern solutions for everything. With the help of technological advancements now you can buy anything online. Hijabs and abayas are also available online. You can choose from a variety of styles and designs. 

Furthermore, Muslim women love to wear hijabs with every dress. However, you can also buy traditional dresses online. Muslim women love buying Abaya online from different websites. Moreover, Muslim women love simple dresses of any style.

Women love to wear unique dresses.  Hence, the abaya is a modest and unique dress for every Muslim woman. You can choose different styles in this dress. Also, you can buy your favorite style from Leyjao. Leyjao offers the low price with huge discounts. Besides that, you can also get free shipping.

History of Abayas online

We do not know the exact date and origin of the abayas. But it is believed to have existed for more than 4000 years. Women from Saudi Arabia have been wearing it for 80 years. Travelers from Iraq and Iran came with this dress in the Middle East.

Abayas are like a cultural tradition of Saudi Arabia due to their modesty and gentle appearance. Now it is popular in different regions like Africa, the Middle East, and some Muslim countries in Asia. Women from these regions wear and buy abayas online from different online marketplaces. 

Muslim women can wear abayas from different cultures.  You can choose abayas from Indonesia. Because these abayas have different designs. You can also choose simple and embroidered abayas. Deep details on abayas make them unique. You can choose according to your taste. 

Evolution of Abayas

Different names have been given to this particular outfit in different regions.  These name are kaftan, djellaba, gallabiyah, umaniyah, and burkha. This dress is popular among women of all ages. The women’s abayas have a long history.

Abayas from the past have different designs. Women in Saudi Arabia wear silk abaya and other expensive fabrics because they are rich. Silk is a widely used fabric all over the world. You can wear it both in the summer as well as the winter season. 

Similarly in the 1980s and 1990s, the abayas became advanced. Different designs cuts, shapes, embroidery, and beads are added to them. It changed the look of the abayas. Most women also use it as a dress because of embroidery and bead details.

Furthermore, abayas become a fashion trend for women. It becomes a fashion statement for them. They can wear it on different occasions. However, it is the best way to express their style with elegance. As you do not need to wear dull colors and designs while going out.

Abaya is a simple and modest dress. You can choose different shapes in abayas online. Besides shape, fabrics are also available. Leyjao offers the lowest price online. You can buy abaya at a discount from Leyjao.  Hence it will save you money. The fabric and shape of the abaya are very important. This is because abayas must be loose-fit.

Become Graceful With Hijabs

A woman always wants to look graceful. So she prefers to wear those dresses that make her look beautiful. Hijabs always add style to a woman’s personality. Women feel more confident in hijabs. They can move freely when they wear hijabs and abayas.

A girl’s abaya is a beautiful hijab.  It adds grace and modesty to her look. Hijabs represent the norms and traditions of a Muslim country. Muslim women wear hijab according to their norms and traditions. Moreover, there are different shapes and designs in shawls for women. The famous Irani shawl is one of them. Women from the Shia sects wear it all over the world.

However, shawls can also cover your whole body. You do not need to wear anything extra. You can easily cover yourself with a shawl. Shawl always looks beautiful on every woman. So you always need a shawl to cover yourself.

Different Hijabs And Their Styles Around The Globe

Saudi Arabia comes first as the leader of the Muslim countries. It has holy places in the country. Billions of Muslims seek guidance and follow trends in this country. The niqab is a popular hijab for women with simple abayas in Saudi Arabia. Muslim women follow the trends from Saudi Arabia.

The recent Pakistani abaya and hijab trends come from Saudia Arabia. Similarly, abaya for girls and Naqab is also followed by women in India and Bangladesh. Though there are some Muslim countries like Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia where women wear different types of abayas and hijabs. You can buy all these types of abayas online. Leyjao offers the cheapest price online.

Indonesia is the country with the largest Muslim population. Indonesian women wear different abayas and hijabs at wedding ceremonies and social gatherings. They usually wear kerdung, which originated from here. Indonesian women also wear a jilbab. It is a common form of abaya in Indonesia. These are different types of hijabs and abayas. Now also popular in Pakistan.

Indonesian Women wear Embroidery maxi dresses with the same embroidered hijabs at their weddings. You will find every woman covering her head with scarves and fashionable hijab in the wedding ceremony. These hijabs look beautiful at every event. You can shop fashionable hijabs from leyjao at a low price. So, get your veils now!


Turkey is a Muslim country that has both sides of the world. It is divided into East and West. Due to the combination of both extremes, the fashion styles are equally modern. However, Muslim culture dominates in the region. Women in Turkey usually cover their heads. They wear hijabs while going out. It is their norm. They love wearing abayas. It gives them a spiritual feel. They love wearing it at weddings. It shows their modesty. They can wear it all day.

An abaya or abaya gown is a Muslim dress. Muslim women in eastern Turkey love this abaya gown. These abayas come in different colors. You can give yourself a stylish look with these abayas. Abaya gives you a simple look. Leyjao has a huge range in abayas. You can get colorful abayas from leyjao at cheap prices. Furthermore, you can get the latest designs in these abayas. 

Turkish women follow both Western and Eastern trends. From young girls’ abayas to formal ladies’ dress designs, they wear everything. They wear famous designer clothes but do not leave their religious norms and traditions. Turkish stylish hijab is worn with a fancy abaya on different occasions by women. These hijabs are available in many colors both light and dark. You can choose the color according to your dress.

There are conservative Muslim societies like Iran and Afghanistan. Women wear Irani chadar with sleeves and abaya online while going outside of their homes. Women in Afghanistan wear full black chadar for ladies famously known as cap Burkha whenever they are going outside.

Iranian Abayas have the traditional touch

Iran is a Shia Muslim country. Iranian women wear abayas in different styles. They can not go outside without an abaya. Most Iranian women wear black abaya. Because black looks elegant on every woman. So always choose an abaya that does not express your features.

irani shawl for women

Why do you wear an abaya? The answer is simple. You are trying to hide your body. It makes you comfortable. You do not have to worry about your inner outfit. It hides it as well. Moreover, it comes in different fabrics.

You can choose cotton and lawn fabrics. Leyjao offers a wide range of variety in fabrics for abayas. It offers these fabrics at a low price. It gives a lot of pricing. You can avail of discount coupons. Moreover, you can get a lot of designs.

Iranian or Afghan women can easily buy this abaya online in Pakistan from different online marketplaces. Buying abayas online is more convenient. Because you can select from a variety of styles. Leyjao is the best place to buy abayas online. Moreover, you can get chadars at a low price online. Choose your favorite color in any abaya.

A Virtuous Dress For Holy Visits

Every year women from all around the world go to Holy visits in Saudi Arabia. They need abayas and hijab to perform sacred duties. Women go to perform Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia. It can not be completed without an abaya and hijab. 

Wearing an abaya is a virtuous thing. It shows your spirituality. It is the best dress for holy places. You can also wear it while visiting mosques. You can choose simple and stylish designs. Abaya has a unique pattern. It can be used for various purposes. For instance, you can wear it on beach days in winter. Similarly, you can wear it as a layer in winter.

Moreover, you can wear abayas while going shopping. You can walk freely. It is a loose outfit. So, you do not feel restricted. It allows you to move around. You can wear it as a beach cover-up. 

Abaya has different cuts. It has an open cut. It is easy to wear. You can easily change it. Moreover, you can choose close-neck designs. These designs make you look beautiful. You feel confident about your body. It gives you a positive vibe.


Whether you looking to shop for anything special from Pakistani culture like lahanga dress or other ethnic female kurta design dresses, you can easily find them at the online marketplace of leyjao. Leyjao has the best quality products if you want to do online hijab shopping in Pakistan at a reasonable price. You will find different unique products like Irani chadar and Irani chadar abaya at leyjao at an exclusive discounted price.

Leyjao gives you various color options in Irani chadar. However, Online abaya shopping in Pakistan has been made easier by leyjao. It has the best breathable fabrics according to the climate conditions in Pakistan. Also, you will find the latest abaya online designs with different prints and embroidery with beads.

Abayas From All Regions Can Be Found Easily On Online Marketplaces

Some women live apart from their countries. They miss wearing their ethnic dresses at their religious or cultural festivals. For example, women from Afghanistan or Indonesia will enjoy their religious or social gatherings only when they wear their ethnic dresses.

It includes hijab and abayas from Pakistan. But online hijab shopping from leyjao can resolve all their problems. They can easily buy Iranian chadars, cap burkhas, and embroidered hijabs from here. You can buy a variety of designs in abayas are also available in this marketplace.

The size of the abaya matters a lot. Leyjao also offers an easy exchange warranty for products. You can get the best products in relevant sizes online. Moreover, the size chart at leyjao is the best thing. Women can choose their size from the size chart. They also love to mingle with different cultures. They love exploring the shalwar kameez design ladies wear in Pakistan. The size chart is also helpful in making decisions about choosing the right size according to their fit. Cultural adaptations are normal among Muslim women. They know modesty is the core value of every Muslim country’s clothes.

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